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when a girl has a penis and she tells no one
hey whats that in your pants." oh its just my vageiner."
by jt pedley January 06, 2007
a vagina and a weiner put together
you have a vageiner haha
by candy November 05, 2003
Someone or something that is consistently lame.
Harrison has been a Vageiner all week, it's getting old.
by VageinerInventor May 07, 2012
A penis that is fatter than it is long; fat and flat enough that the urethra opening resembles a vagina.
"You sir are a vageiner,"
"So my boyfriend was fingering my vageiner,"
"I cannot physically penetration my girlfriend because my penis is a vageiner".
by Dick Morey January 18, 2011
a vagina that resembles a penis (weiner)
wow em! i never knew you had a vageiner
by ohyeah12345 February 04, 2010