<i> n. </I>

1.One who practices vagatarianism.
2.A carnivore of the female's sex organs.
3.A playa.
He's so hot right now; he's a vagitarian.
by Matto July 22, 2003
Top Definition
1. One who partakes in the act of dining on the female sex organ. The Vagina.
2. A lesbian.
1. Man, he's really going to town. He's such a vagatarian.
2. No wonder that bitch didn't want to blow me, she's a Vagatarian.
by Johnny July 16, 2004
A female who is on a strict diet of vagina. Bitterly opposed to cock as a vegatarian is to meat. Politicaly correct term for lesbian.
Person 1: Sara is such a lesbian.
Person 2: Vagatarian is the politicaly correct term.
by Master Matt n j December 15, 2008
a man or woman who only enjoys vagina.
Man: Hey beautiful. I couldn't help but notice your beauty from across the room.
Woman: Um, sorry. I'm a vagatarian.
Man: Vagatarian?
Woman: Yeah, I like what you don't gave.
by Gianna Da Vinci December 10, 2010
n. A pussy who doesn't eat meat. Not even on Thanksgiving.
Bob is such a pussy vagatarian, he won't even nibble on a drumstick. Let's beat the shit out of him!
by scabbrain November 17, 2010
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