an animal that lives inside a woman's vagina
...when he pulled out there was a tiny koala clinging to his dick! it was a vaganimal!
by limbikity August 20, 2008
Top Definition
(noun) creatures whom live within a vajungle, commonly known as crabs.
i ain't touchin that shit....she's got vaganimals!
by debbie downer May 12, 2008
A; a vagina animal. As in one who is an animal(or crazy for) for vagina, not as in an animal who lives within the confines of the vagina.
My boyfriend wants to have sex with me 5 times a day, hes a real vaganimal.

Viagra turned my husband into a vaganimal. All he does is sit around on our couch, draw vaginas, and even sometimes TALKS to my vagina. It is as if I do not exist anymore, like I am a walking, working, talking Vagina. Welcome to the married life.
by Danger Mojo May 15, 2010
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