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The aisle in the supermarket or drugstore that has all the tampons, pads, feminine hygiene sprays, douche, yeast infection treatments, pregnancy tests, condoms, lubricant, etc, etc....

Mark realized to his horror that to reach the toothpaste he would have to traverse the vagaisle.
by MSP March 14, 2006
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A whole aisle in a drug store devoted exclusively to vagina maintenance. Usually trafficked by the fairer sex during the worst week of the month (for both sexes !). Men are seen more and more these days cruising the vag aisle to help their lady friends in order to secure later entrance to the other type of Vag Aisle.
Dude, why are you shopping in the Vag Aisle ? Well, because I am whipped and I want access to the Vag next week.
by EightBall August 03, 2012
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