Another word for girls. Not normally intended to be insulting. Guy's refer to girls as a vag. Girl's DO NOT refer to eachother at a vag.
Hey Sarah, invite some more vag(es) here it's starting to become a sausage fest.
by Strands57 December 21, 2006
Another word for pee! The word pee came from "penis" so another word that means to urinate is vag.
yo, immma go vag
by Saucy Nips July 14, 2009
Short term for "Vagina"
my vag is long and bony.
I have a 7 and a half inch long vag, was I born a man?
by Vag Sajack May 29, 2005
1. someone who is attracted to someone of the same gender
2. someone who wants to engage in sexual activity with someone of the same gender
loose leanne is a vag, she wants to eat out angie
by samtina December 18, 2005
A pussy man who bitches constantly.

An insult synonymous with: Asshole, twat, fucker, dickhead, stupid, faggot, cunt, etc.
"You stupid vag!"

"He's such a vag."

"That vag is pissing me off!"
by Alex & Eileen July 03, 2005
Wiggs, anything pertaining to the actions of Wiggs, or a Vagina.
Well wax my vag and call me Wiggs.
by SuCKsTobEUWigGs May 14, 2004
Vag is a word with many uses and meanings. It can be used to express a large number (see 1). It can be a offensive adjetive for a term (see 2). It can also be used as a name (see 3).
Vag can be used any time anywhere. It rules.
1. "Whoa, she got 35483943 vagillion times fatter"
2. "You're such a vaggin asshole"
3. "Jesus Vaggin Christ"
by System Desist September 21, 2004
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