1. Another word for a festy vagina.
2. The opposite of a giny.
"If you don't shave, wash, wax and maintain personal hygeine of your giny, you will end up with a festy vag".
#giny #festy #crusty #festy mole #vagicated #penisitis
by Vag hater May 08, 2008
Abbreviation for vagina.
"She has a stanky vag."
by x January 31, 2003
meaning = violent active girls
2vagina without the ina.
hey look a hole bunch of vag right in front of me! hurray
#girls #hot #ooooohhn yah #active #vag
by james krump April 14, 2008
to chicken out, wuss out , intentionally walk a batter with 0 outs and runners at the corners or second and third
While I was playing NCAA Baseball on XBOX with my buddy I got two hits in a row with runners on first and third with zero outs my friend intentionally walked the next batter. I told him not to vag out.
My friend decided to intenionally walk my next batter to set up the double play and I said so you're vagin it? Implying he had no testicular fortitude
#vaging out #vaged it #vagin it #vagina it #vagina
by CCC2002 January 03, 2008
The holy grail every man seeks. A Vagina. A Hole to insert your man beef into. The small hole that becomes much much wider and floppy when a baby desecrates it by coming out of it.
Dave: Damn JoJo, I bet you have the most magical vag ever! Maybe later we can go back to my place and I can crush that shit?

JoJo: HaHa! oh Dave, you're so sweet. :D
#vag #pussy #hole #vagina #sex
by Cl0udo August 02, 2008
a (straight) girl at a (men's) gay bar. Rhymes with "fag".
Ugh, for every fag here there are at least two vags. Let's go to a *real* gay bar where there are more boys!
#fag #vague #gay #straight #straight girl
by linguishionista July 14, 2008
Another word for girls. Not normally intended to be insulting. Guy's refer to girls as a vag. Girl's DO NOT refer to each other as a vag.
Hey Sarah, invite some more vag's here it's starting to become a sausage fest.
#girl #chick #lady #woman #female
by Strands57 December 21, 2006
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