Adam wants the V
" hey guys did you hear"?
" no what"
" adam wants Alyssa vag"
by dingaling1997 January 20, 2014
shortened version of vagina, but favorably used to describe someone who is being a push over, or a cry baby about something.
shut up man, you're being such a vag

i can't believe he wouldn't just go for it-
yeah he's a total vag
by Jena Bo Bena April 12, 2012
Short for Vagina
My vag hurts today
by minkin1 June 21, 2011
Volkswagen Audi Group

Usually used to describe a type / style of car
Aaron's driving a VAG these days, He's got a mk4 polo
by loveshercars March 10, 2009
Abbreviation for Vitamins And Gatorade. Elements of a "hang over cure." Must be taken before going to bed or passing out.
Johnny was so wasted last night but he was still able to go to his Grandmothers funeral since he got some V.A.G before he passed out.
by faint545 February 02, 2009
stands for the words, videos and games; when a group of men gather to play video games and talking about vag and anything else about the opposite gender.
Hey dude, ready for VAG night? We're gonna play some cod and talk bout some VAG!
by TallGrassProner November 30, 2009
a guy whos a fag and wares vnecks
look at chris hes such a v-ag
by bookdy September 17, 2011

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