The hipster's term for the Vancouver Art Gallery. It's pronounced 'vaj', as in the slang term for vagina. Useful for making double entendres relating art or museums to sex.
There's an awesome VAG exhibit on right now, you'd better head downtown soon or you'll miss it.
by Benny Bluman January 27, 2009
A cocktail comprised of Vodka And Gatorade, specifically lemon-lime Gatorade. It is a surprisingly refreshing, delicious, and often potent beverage.

Developed at the 197 Collingwood Kitchen in SF, it has a few variations:

- add a dash of Grenadine for a Bloody VAG.
- substitute ginger ale for half of the Gatorade for a Ginger VAG, more commonly known as a Lindsay Lohan.
How to prepare a VAG:

1. Combine one part vodka with three parts lemon-lime Gatorade.

2. Stir vigorously with a spoon.

3. Add ice to your taste.
by 197C April 21, 2011
adj. Prounounced vadge. A truncation of the noun vagina, used to describe something as having feminine qualities. Does not carry any positive connotations. Usually references music, television, movies, but can be applied to anything possessing a weak, often sappy core or thematic element.

v. to listen to music, watch a movie or participate in any activity that involves something possessing a weak or sappy nature.
When he put on "How Stella Got Her Groove Back", he had put on a vag-flick.

Evanesence is vag-rock.

My sister and her friends are vagging out to "Sex In The City".

The party that had nothing but margaritas and techno music was completely vag.
by Dirty Gil January 17, 2009
Short term fo vagina
Dude Zoes vag smells like crusty cunt
by zoesvag May 24, 2007
Value Add Group Pronunciation: Vadge

A person that mistakenly believes they are adding value is a member of the Value Add Group.
Typically, VAG's are bossy and like to delegate work to others, thinking that their direction is of enormous value.

Conversely, if a lazy person is aware of their lack of work ethic and still allows others to do their job, they are not a VAG, but a dick.
"He forwards every email to someone else so they can do the work, but then provides status updates to his manager to make it look like he's getting the job done. Such a VAG..."

From the mind of a VAG: "I am the overseer of this operation, so it is critical that I don't get bogged down in the minutia. I'll leave those activities for the lesser humans that don't have MBAs."
by Corporate denizen January 28, 2013
shortened version of vagina, but favorably used to describe someone who is being a push over, or a cry baby about something.
shut up man, you're being such a vag

i can't believe he wouldn't just go for it-
yeah he's a total vag
by Jena Bo Bena April 12, 2012
Village Area Gondola, in Mammoth Lakes, CA
Meet me at the VAG at 7:30, it will be an epic powder day...
by mammoth_queen July 12, 2009
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