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a guy or girl who enjoys teasing a female by promising sexual acts, talking about sexual acts, touching on the vag or simply licking their lips like ll cool j does and looking down at their pussy - but never following through.
"oh yeah. i invited that dude to my house the other night but after i undressed he said he wasn't ready for sex. what a fucking vag tease"
"i was at the lesbian bar and this girl was grinding against my pussy and when i asked her for her number, she told me she was straight. that girl is straight alright. a straight up vag tease"
by BEELEE January 29, 2009
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A male who says what he is going to do to you sexually, or let you do to him, or reminds you of what the two of you did years ago, or asks what your favorite position is, or says what the two of you should have done years ago and didn't, and sexts all of the above, without actually letting you have sex with him. Self cock-blocking.
Paul has sent me text messages all day saying that he'd rather be fucking me, but really he's a vag tease because he won't come over here and do it.
by TangerineDreams April 09, 2011
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Anyone who is acting in a provocative or flirtatious manner towards a girl or implicitly promising sexual favours to a girl that are never delivered.
He was acting like he was going to take off his shirt for me but he only showed me his abs, what a vag tease...
by Hpodity March 11, 2010
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A girl that is hot but really isnt puttin out.
''That girl is soo hot''
''Dont even try shes a total vag tease''.
by Fucking bitchhhhhhhhh September 12, 2008
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