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A really offensive term for lesbian, vag-fag is a short term for vagina-faggot.
"Ew, Vanessa is such a vag-fag, I can't"
by LogicalLucas July 09, 2013
A "Vag Fag" (pronounced with a soft g in Vag), which is short for "vagina faggot", can refer to any homosexual woman. It is often found to be derogatory, although many people simply don't know what a "Vag Fag" is. It may or may not be considered more offensive than the better-known slur, "dyke".
Ellen DeGeneres is a vag fag.
by Styles84 September 05, 2011
A guy who pretends to be gay but is really just trying to sleep with all the women that become his friend after they think he's gay.
Dude 1: That gay dude just grabbed that girl's tit and she didn't get mad!

Dude 2: It's cuz he's gay.

Dude 4: No, he's a vag fag. They all think he's gay but check that boner he's rockin when he's surrounded by chicks.
by $ED$ April 11, 2011
A man who likes and dates women, but when his significant other is not around he acts like a Homo.
Dude, did u see that Vag-Fag over there. His girl went to the bar and he's looking at ur ass!
by Robb Currie December 14, 2007
A casual gamer, movie goer, etc. to a point of idiocy.

Pronounced with a hard g and has no spaces.
A vagfag: "You gotta see my flappy bird score!"

Sensible person "Stop being such a vagfag!"
by SnazzyName February 11, 2014
Person with unexplained love for german car makers VW, Audi. Usually hipster with latest pitchfork's best new music playing on car stereo. Car drastically lowered and with expensive oldschool rims. Usually slow but shiny car. Uses it's transportation to allure female hipsters to enjoy their genitalia. Prefers pre 1990 VAG "hot hatches". Usually has no friends, hates faster cars i.e. USDM, JDM.
A: I'll dump that shit yo, german engineering, those AA tights on dat hip ass maen!!

B: d00d you are such vagfag
by 332211332211 March 29, 2010
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