1. a substitute for the word "douche"
2. a cooler way to say "douche"
3. a word you call someone instead of "douche"
example one -
nick: ew i found a girl's vag bag!

example two -
matt: god, you are such a douche!
james: well, you are a VAG BAG
matt: you are too cool for school
by blairis May 14, 2008
Top Definition
when a female squats atop a sleeping individual and puts her vagina in their face. the girl variation of the Tea Bag.
Tom: OMG! I woke up with Linda's crust crotch in my face!
Glen: Dude, that sucks! She vag bagged you good.
by anonymous January 28, 2005
When a female leaves a camel-toe imprint on yo fo-head! (the female version of a tea-bag)
he felt a warm wetness- and a blinding flash jerked him awake in time to realize he just got his picture taken with a vag bag... just then he understood the importance of not passing out first at parties...
by SunnyD81 September 08, 2006
It's like when a boy Tea Bags someone, except it's when a girl does it, with a vagina instead of a penis.
girl:VAG BAG!!!
boy: ahhh man. you just tea bagged me with your vagina.
girl: and it's called a VAG BAGG!!

Group of people: haahaa! you tighttt!! you just got vag bagged by a girl!
girl: well of course it's by a girl dumbass. what boy has a vagina?
by I_Am_A_Chocoholic_<3 September 04, 2011
A female individual or group of women who is/are void of intelligence, sense of humor, wit;
Women who are pretentious, rude, selfish, arrogant and vain.
Female equivalent to the male 'douchebag.'
A woman who is mildy retarded, stupid or crass.
Jade: She tried to take my man and she's a nasty ho.

Mark: Sounds like a real Vagbag.
by Bunkdance Vagbag July 25, 2011
The act of a woman tea-bagging anyone on any FPS (First Person Shooters)
"Dude,your girlfriend just Vag-Bagged me in Halo 3"
by TonyVee January 26, 2010
Acronym for Fat Upper Pussy, the roll of fat located just above a chunky woman's crotch. See also FUP.
My hand would have made it all the way to the honey pot, but it was blocked by the Vagbag
by Crum March 28, 2003
Vagbag is the female version of t-bagging. When a girl hits someone with her vagina.
Man, that girl just vagbagged her friend.
by kholli March 05, 2014
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