When on your period, you spread your vagina lips, and press them neatly against a man's shirt (preferably white), leaving behind what is known as a vag badge.
MY boyfriend passed out on the couch again, so I decided to leave him a vag badge.
by kingsoapface March 14, 2009
Top Definition
a female cop, i.e. has absolutely no power
female cop: freeze
dude: fuck you vag badge *walks away*
female cop: *shoots him*
dude: weakling...
by Young Reezie January 31, 2008
A tattoo above a woman's vagina. but not on the stomach. more in the pelvic region.

it's usually somethine white trash, like roses, or a moon.. with a name in it?

(this is the frontal version of the tramp stamp)
"i got my vag badge because I wanted a $7000 ring from my boyfriend"
by AntaE June 12, 2007
Another word for the Teal colored Ribbon that symbolizes "Ovarian Cancer Awarness"
Carrie did you get your "Vag Badge" magnet at the Benefit? I already put mine on my car to show support for my Aunt that died from Ovarian Cancer.
by SassyJax01 February 08, 2012
When your fingering a chic, sucking her clit, and massaging her breast all at the same time.
What the FUCK was that guy doing, it's clear he doesn't have his vagbadge.

Man I'm horny as fuck tonight, I just wanna get some dick in. Before that though, I better make sure that guy has his vagbadge.
by Firework Master February 09, 2009
A tattoo on, or coming up from the crotch.
Guy 1: Dude! Did you see the vag badge on that chick?!
Guy 2: No! What'd it look like?!
Guy 1: The wings of an eagle!
Guy 2: Sweeeet.

Girl: I hear they call her fire crotch because she has a flaming tiger for a vag badge.
by Payton M. September 10, 2009
A tramp stamp located on the front of a female's body in the lower stomach or groin area above the vagina, hence the name.
She dropped her pants and we all saw her vag badge.
by gwarg May 22, 2014
What a girl earns by having sex with another girl because it's cool to be bisexual.
Lola: "I hear Lisa hooked up with Jessica lat night.. I didn't know she liked girls.."

Sarah: "Nah, she doesn't really, she just wanted to get her vag badge.."
by dinosaur_sounds August 27, 2011
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