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Derived from vagina. Similar in meaning to wuss, wussy, or wimp. A person with no backbone. Pussy is used in much the same way.
Don't be such a vadge!
by Stan B. January 16, 2003
Means female sexual organ/hole :)
You can describe someone as being vadginous - meaning being like a cunt :D
by dave January 02, 2004
Short for Vagina. A term for a girl/woman. vagina,pussy,cunt

My adhd head came up w/ it.
Vadge, shut up!
Yo Mike, tell your vadge to stop bitching!
Vadge come here, i wanna see u naked.
by jt-where July 07, 2004
verb. To re-rack. This is command often given when re-racking is necessary in a beer pong game.
"I just sank that 4th cup. Vadge it up."
by Garden Utopia November 02, 2005
nickname for pop icon Madonna -- variation on existing nickname "Madge" which came from "Her Majesty" -- a play on British royalty -- especially now that Madonna lives with her husband & family in the UK.

sometimes derogatory.

sometimes a term of endearment.
Why does everyone complain about that British accent Vadge has been sporting for over a decade? It's nothing new -- Vadge has been talking that way since she lived there for 6 months back in 1995.

Vadge Rules!

Vadge needs to give up acting.
by Dubbreak March 18, 2006
Also known as:
and Shoshua
A person called vadge has an uncanny resemblence to the female vagina. Also looks like a walnut from time to time. As well as a wild ape.
Today, Vadge discovered she suffered from terminal vaginal yeast infections.
by Anonymous August 07, 2003