To mercilessly steal a joke, co opting it as one's own. Especially effective when doing so enrages the joke's original author.
-- Man, remember that time I pasted all those funny "ate my balls" captions across pictures of all those people we used to work with? Yeah, that was awesome, and I am awesome by proxy.

-- Dude, don't be such a Vaden!
by Da'Picksta' August 10, 2007
a protector and strong person. he will defend his friends and family and is a loyal person to meet. he's a jokester and loves to push your buttons. he can be a great father figure to kids and teaches life lessons when you don't even know it. He can be dangerous when provoked and you should stay on his good side at all times.
Vaden is such an awesome person!
by BellaoftheBall June 07, 2011
one who sucks ejactulate from an orifice in which it was released (i.e feltch, feltching, feltcher) from a member of the same sex...then swallows.
Will you vaden my asshole?
by rachmd85 November 08, 2006

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