1. verb To ingest in excessive quantity and/or with excessive speed.
2. noun A relative, friend, or lover (especially a lover) who is known to decimate your supply of something precious (i.e. drugs or money).
1. What the fuck, Ben? We only made that salsa 20 minutes ago and you already vacuumed it all up!
2. You better believe I keep Cara in check about my tabs, cause homegirl is a vacuum.
by The Governor June 04, 2004
A word used in place of 'fuck you'. Word must be said in complete silence...for added emphasis. Works best with women and wet t-shirts.
"I wanna vacuum" could mean "I wanna fuck you" if the words were mouthed and no sound is present.
by stephy87 January 27, 2010
slang term used for receiving head
"Gimme some vacuum."
may also be used as code between giver and receiver,"vacuum," then slip away to sneaky location.
by InfernalDante April 11, 2009
A vacuum is when a girl is giving you a blowjob and right before you cum you pull her head off your dick and turn her head sideways and cum in her ear and perform a Q-tip. Then you suck the cum out of her ear and spit it in her eyes.
Last night i gave the hooker a Q-tip and she didn't like it so i gave her a vacuum.
by Connor D February 08, 2008

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