A cumming Spanish cow. 🇪🇸🐮Cuuuuuuuuuuum
Person 1 "Oh look at that vacuum in the field"

Person 2 "Why is there white stuff everywhere"

Vacuum "holamoooo"
by Eeeeemily March 24, 2016
A device used to deprive someone of sleep and piss them off while simultaneously cleaning the house.

Me (after 3 hours of sleep): Just shut the fuck up already!!!!
by Your goddamn conscience March 19, 2010
A "code word" for Oral Sex. Usually involving a male receiving oral sex from another male and/or female.
"Knapp gave John a Vacuum last night"
"I got a great vacuum last night"
by German8235 October 17, 2011
Something that sucks up everything-see also Whore
SUCK IT!! Vacuum
by a dumb ass April 20, 2009
It is used as a code word for "sex" when u have lil ease droppers running around and you don't want them to no what you are talking about..
Don't come over tonight, I'll be vacuuming! "I love to vacuum with Drummer" "we vacuumed in the living room and the bedroom" "last night was lame we didnt even vacuum"
by SexyScorpio84 October 21, 2010
Something Ghostbusters use.
by Overrated Emo. December 03, 2008
When someone is sucking up intensely to anyone in high power. Normally leads to eye rolling, and laughing.
Sorry, I left my book at home. I was studying all night.

Did you hear that? I think I here a Vacuum!
by Rad_Kid April 23, 2008
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