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When said silently, appears as though you're saying "fuck you."

The antonym of elephant shoes
When I politely asked my deaf co-worker to get the vaccuum, she didn't talk to me for a week.
by Jordan May 09, 2004
184 74
A misspelling of the word "vacuum"
The people on Urban Dictionary posting definitions for vacuum under vaccuum are idiots.
by Jan Loring September 06, 2010
32 9
1)a person who sucks and blows.
2)a person that is a loser.
3)stupid, loser, retard, reject, etc.
4)a word that is not constantly used in the youth's language except when damning about chores.
5)a tool used to clean stuff in carpets, hardwood, and whatever.
1&2) mark just pushed you suuuuuuuper hard or something. you say 'YOURE A VACCUUM!'
3) or you can also tell mark 'YOURE SOOO VACCUUM!'
4) only this guy matt says it. then i said it.
5) yo! get the dirt devil and fuckin suck the dirt out the carpet or somthing!
by breatheyourAIR April 30, 2005
19 74
when a girl sucks on a guys cock and eat his gizz then reverses and throws it back up on him
by Anonymous April 19, 2003
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