The mouth of a female
Aka: cum vacuum
Guy 1: I dont want my ejaculate matter to go to waste. What do I do?
Guy 2: Don't you have a girlfriend?
Guy 1: Oh yeah. I could use her vac-cum to get rid of it.
by undercover_Arab February 23, 2011
Top Definition
A word presumably used by those who do not know that the correct spelling is "vacuum".
Guy: Hey, this vaccum really sucks things up!
Girl: Don't you mean the "vacuum" does?
by BostonLiz March 26, 2007
A person who your trying to avoid but sucks you back into talking to them repeatedly.
"Dude Ashley is such a vaccum to you!"

"Ugh I know, I promised myself I wouldnt talk to her but I couldnt help it!"
by Rachiebabe340 June 29, 2011
One who sucks face with someone, to the point of swallowing his or her head.
Did you see Nichole in the hallway with her boyfriend? What a vaccume!
by theonewiththeface April 28, 2009
a cleaning utensil, commomly used to fight people, and threaten people or cats.
I'm gonna whoop your ass with this vaccum!
by vaccumfighter November 25, 2006
A "cleaning" device that can be made many different ways, but door knocking salesman will sell you the same piece of junk for a thousand dollars. Don't buy it. Go to wal-mart and get one on clearence *hint* (they all work the same)
Kirby Vaccums($1500), Oreck($800), Rainbow($1300), Filter Queen($1800)
by Colin Thorthan March 21, 2007
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