A small city of about 100,00 people located in the North Bay section of the Bay Area. It is pretty boring and lame for the most part considering all the typical DGAF BMX riding Nor Cal white boys who live there, the Nortenos that stay at Rocky Hill Park are the only semi-real gangsters in Vacaville. One of the only good things about Vacaville is the incredibly danky bud they got there!
Dude #1-"Another boring Saturday night in Vacaville, what are we going to do Bruh besides go smoke on a Cutty Mission!?!" Dude#2- "Were not 21 so we can't go to the bars, fuck man why do we gotta live in the most boring section of the Bay Area!?" Dude #1- " Yeah let's just go to the Sco!"
by hellathizzinoffapill February 10, 2011
Top Definition
City located on Interstate 80 in between San Francisco and Sacramento adjacent to Travis AFB and home to the California Medical Facility prison and some pretty good outlets. Also hometown of Papa Roach, baseball player Jermaine Dye, Nick Arcamone and Kris Goldstein, all great pimps in their own right. Also known as Lack-of-Thrill, Whackaville, and Cow Town.
Vacaville is hella lame but they have a Nike Outlet so its all good..
by The Man March 06, 2005
Small town that has a pop. of 90,000 and is probably the most boring town in California. Filled with white people and farms. It's in the Davis Valley, has two shopping center called the Nut tree and the outlets. The town is very safe and NOBODY here is hard. Nobody in Sac or the Bay has ever heard of this town. Vacaville is a very racist town because of how many red necks live here.
Me: Vacaville gets SAC kings game
Her: Vacaville is not in Sac or in the Bay. Its in the valley!
by Vaca High March 03, 2012
A smallish city in Northern California semi-famous for its high-security prison.
Where the hell is Vacaville?
by Jack Schumacher October 06, 2004
A stupid little boring town i grew up in that sucks, everyone is fat, lazy, stupid, and their lungs are full of smoke and smog.
Me: "maaaaaaaaan i grew up in vacaville"
friend:"i heard its super gay there"
me:"it is."
by misfitpirate April 12, 2011
town whose name means "cow town" in area code 707
hey, you wanna go have hot sex in vacaville?
by jared the pimp February 01, 2004
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