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Refers to the vagina (or va jay jay) of a Jewish female.
Yo, I wanna get me a piece of that va jew jew to take to temple with me!
by Amanda K. Alter October 13, 2007
Slang word for a vagina between the legs of a jewish female.
"...and then I showed him my vajaja."
"I think you mean...vajewjew."
by pearlearrings September 13, 2008
VaJewJew is the vagina of a jew.

This way, everyone knows when you say she had a nice VaJewJew, you knock out the whole explaining that she's jewish part. With VaJewJew you knock out two birds with one stone, kinda like the jews stoned Jesus....only this time it's birds.
"Daaaayuuuuuuuum that girl had a nice vajewjew"

"Boy, you just tryin to get into my pants for a taste of my vajewjew"

"My Vajewjew is kosher"
by Geenyes February 03, 2010
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