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A woman's vagina and the area around it.
Man A: What's your favourite part on a woman?
Man B: Her V zone.
by michael June 14, 2006
24 26
The word Iliana uses to describe her stupid vagina
I'm sweating all up in my V zone
by Moregasm July 04, 2013
0 0
the area below the pelvis that creates a triangle or "v" on a woman. does not include vagina, merely the hairy front yard, if you will.
man, my v-zone is itching.
by abrookinphiledelphia May 09, 2009
1 1
The worst virtual world currently in existence. The people who play World of Warcraft and even Ultima Online seem like super-models and geniuses compared to the middle-aged wasteland that is VZones.
"When I first developed erectile dysfunction I was disappointed... and then I found VZONES!"
by Cannondale May 04, 2009
10 13
a highly addictive virtual community that kicks ass and doesn't need to advertise because it is so highly recommended.
I can't believe the new avatarwares heads on vzones... they are so cool!
by vzamaze February 07, 2004
11 22
vagina aka cootch aka touch me thurr bitch
mary and la la say "my v-zone itches".
by sophizzle nikfizzle July 22, 2005
7 19