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vagina aka cootch aka touch me thurr bitch
mary and la la say "my v-zone itches".
by sophizzle nikfizzle July 22, 2005
The word Iliana uses to describe her stupid vagina
I'm sweating all up in my V zone
by Moregasm July 04, 2013
the area below the pelvis that creates a triangle or "v" on a woman. does not include vagina, merely the hairy front yard, if you will.
man, my v-zone is itching.
by abrookinphiledelphia May 09, 2009
A woman's vagina and the area around it.
Man A: What's your favourite part on a woman?
Man B: Her V zone.
by michael June 14, 2006
The worst virtual world currently in existence. The people who play World of Warcraft and even Ultima Online seem like super-models and geniuses compared to the middle-aged wasteland that is VZones.
"When I first developed erectile dysfunction I was disappointed... and then I found VZONES!"
by Cannondale May 04, 2009
a highly addictive virtual community that kicks ass and doesn't need to advertise because it is so highly recommended.
I can't believe the new avatarwares heads on vzones... they are so cool!
by vzamaze February 07, 2004