1. Slang for vagina or vag.
2. Acronym for Violence Risk Appraisal Guide.
1. "I kicked her in the Vrag."
2. "That seems risky, let me check my Vrag."
by Alex a.k.a. Le Yew June 22, 2007
Top Definition
To spend over $1000 a night at a strip club. Heard in the Lil Wayne song "Clear Da Set"
Person 1: How much did you blow a the rippers last night?

Person 2: I spent a v-rag and got some titties in my face!
by yawn hawn January 08, 2011
Slang for Vag, or vagina.
"I kicked her right in the Vrag."
by J3$u$ June 13, 2007
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