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a turf within the infamous FLEMO PARK-head shot capital or face shot central - on the other side of spanbridge.
dont bait out V-block. Welcome to V-blocks
by Deu2e November 17, 2006
The female version of a cockblock. When one woman blocks another woman from scoring with someone she finds attractive.
1. "I have been talking to that guy all night, and she comes and chats him up. Really? A V-block? I thought we were friends."

2. "She totally V-blocked me. I wanted to get with that guy, but she came up shaking her tits all around. I knew she was jealous of me and now he will want to chase her."
by missmissy May 12, 2013
To effectively interrupt intercourse after a (presumably older ) man has taken Viagra. It's a variation of cock blocking, but understandably the situation is more dire, and super depressing.

Example "I just took Viagra and took out my teeth..and my attorney called to talk about my will"
Example "I just took Viagra and now my grand daughter has decided to stop in for a visit"
Example "I just took Viagra and now I forgot to take my heart medication so I have to wait for those to work first"
i just took Viagra and my attorney called about my was a total v block
by beckyboo76 September 20, 2014

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