Watch the series "Neon Genesis Evangelion" and take your own conclusions.
by 2112 October 22, 2003
From, the Greek word meaning
"no place." Yet, people still believe in utopia, and thinks it can be achieved. Utopia is far too simple for me. I dream of a human world which is self-organized, the way the rest of nature is. The problem with human beings is we cannot relate to each other at all. Our minds create this reality of each other and ourselves. Truth is our prespective. We invent the "facts" and the theories that come from them. All I can say change the facts and theories that come from your facts. Don't rely on technocratic rationalist approaches. Don't rely on government, religion, or the media. Same goes for academia and morality. The only power we have is turn creation on it's head with our own creations. The universe will be what it wants to be - us or not. Use compassion, honesty, and trust in the universe. And if you can't do this, try some X a couple of times. Look to chaos theory, evolution, Gaiaian Theory, relativity, and amorality. Utopia sucks. Find a reality you can live in.
Any animal not a human being lives in a utopian mindset.
by Brighteyeburn21 September 14, 2004
The most beautiful, amazing girl in the world that you don't know what you would do without her and you wish you could be with her all the time because she makes you so happy, and she's also a great kisser ;)
That girl is such a Utopia
by Dr.Double-D September 03, 2011
awesome metal store in sydney. sells cd's, vinyl, shirts, books, everything.

frustrated metalhead: fuck, i cant find enter obscure metal cd anywhere

me: utopia will have it!
by alex blows goats August 23, 2003
A board dedicated to the discussion of the NCAA Football and Madden Football video game series. Features many interesting and funny characters. The only place where an Auburn fan and an Alabama fan can agree on SOMETHING!
I went to Utopia today and saw another BCS thread. I thought I was gonna flip, until ECH made another one of his interesting threads!
by Dodger Of Zion June 29, 2004
1. A Bootlegging company most central in New Jersey, You know who killed out the Dreamcast? Them, thanks alot dickheads...

2. A Mythological world that is perfect, no bigotry, racism, sexism, drugs, predjudices, corrupt government, etc. etc.

3. An online Role Player game, personally that I never played.

4. When you are so high on whatever drugs you may do, you get so happy and forget everything thats bad.
1. Thanks alot Utopia, you ran out the dreamcast you bastards.
*starts pounding while utopia imp starts crying*
I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

2. I wish our world was like Utopia, No drugs, No Racism, No Bush...

3. I just got done playing Utopia, Come on and play with me and my allies!


4. Hey, I just smoked so much crack I forgot that I dropped out of highschool and work at McDonalds under the table making less than Minimum wage!

I suggest suicide for you.
by ..-Swan-.. October 31, 2006
twisted fantasy dreamt up by wacko fundamentalist atheist zealots / marxists , based on earlier greek pagan fantasies
it's all about political power and control
there will never be a utopia because utopia is a fantasy sold to the public about a heaven on earth that is unattainable and is really just a lie designed to put the people into action so that they can be used as tools for or by power mad politicians all for their own gain and for the gain of the power elite
heaven on earth can't happen , Jesus said so !!!!!!
atheism is clearly the opiate of the masses
by now stop being lame September 12, 2006
A world where war poverty and bigotry is eliminated. A state of existance that cannot be possible according to the laws of reality.

Because ever person has their own idea of a "perfect world" Some it is a socialist state where the government takes care of all personal needs. For others it is a Earth ruled by a National Socialist State controlled by Aryan Supermen. Where all other races are forced to served them or be exterminated.
by Anonymous October 22, 2003

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