twisted fantasy dreamt up by wacko fundamentalist atheist zealots / marxists , based on earlier greek pagan fantasies
it's all about political power and control
there will never be a utopia because utopia is a fantasy sold to the public about a heaven on earth that is unattainable and is really just a lie designed to put the people into action so that they can be used as tools for or by power mad politicians all for their own gain and for the gain of the power elite
heaven on earth can't happen , Jesus said so !!!!!!
atheism is clearly the opiate of the masses
by now stop being lame September 12, 2006
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1) a theoretical "perfect" realm, in which everyone is content, where things get done well by people who are happy to do them, and where all the problems which have plagued our world for millenia no longer apply. whoever came up with the idea was drunk, stoned, tripping or insane. maybe all four.

2) a popular maths-and-text based online game which can be quite complicated. people who play tend to lose all social skills, and spend hours chatting to friends and allies online, saying things like "goddam, just got grabbed by a pumped orc. he's bottom-feeding, so my kd suicided in retal, razed him and he's near peasant-death"

do not worry if you do not understand the game. half the people who play don't either.
be warned, the game seems to exert a strange and powerful force on those with geekish tendencies.
1) sir thomas moore: i live by utopian ideals
other guy: you fuckin fool

2) a: how's ur tope goin?
b: not good, i'm gettin rickets from stayin inside to play it too much
by stumpy McTavish October 31, 2003
A place in which there are no problems. Everything is perfect.
This world in not Utopia.
by § July 17, 2004
n. Greek, a society which is free of hate, violence, prejudice, bigotry, jealousy, etc, and is unobtainable.

Except one way which would be blowing the hell out of everything, leaving nothing alive to hate or be hated.
"BOOM!!!" and there was Utopia.
by The Ugly One November 19, 2003
A headshop in Easton PA
Lets go get a bong at Utopia
by Anonymous August 12, 2003
That wonderfully perfect, sexy, warm place right between/atop a woman's breasts (bare or not) where you head fits snuggly.
We were laying together and I fell asleep in utopia!
by Rob Job November 02, 2006
A Greek word means a perfect place that does not exist. Sir Thomas More wrote a fiction on a perfect country showing what was going on in this country but did not give reasons why that could or could not happen.
by Boonserm Booncharoenpol October 01, 2003
From, the Greek word meaning
"no place." Yet, people still believe in utopia, and thinks it can be achieved. Utopia is far too simple for me. I dream of a human world which is self-organized, the way the rest of nature is. The problem with human beings is we cannot relate to each other at all. Our minds create this reality of each other and ourselves. Truth is our prespective. We invent the "facts" and the theories that come from them. All I can say change the facts and theories that come from your facts. Don't rely on technocratic rationalist approaches. Don't rely on government, religion, or the media. Same goes for academia and morality. The only power we have is turn creation on it's head with our own creations. The universe will be what it wants to be - us or not. Use compassion, honesty, and trust in the universe. And if you can't do this, try some X a couple of times. Look to chaos theory, evolution, Gaiaian Theory, relativity, and amorality. Utopia sucks. Find a reality you can live in.
Any animal not a human being lives in a utopian mindset.
by Brighteyeburn21 September 14, 2004

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