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Acronym for 'Use the mother fucking Wikipedia'
12:31:31 <~pihl> you sure are utmfw, b today, k3ph ;)
12:31:44 <@k3ph> lol
12:31:48 <@k3ph> what is utmfw ?
12:31:56 <@ChalamiuS> O_o
12:32:22 <@k3ph>
12:32:27 <@k3ph> NO DEFINITION
12:32:28 <@k3ph> D:
12:32:36 <@k3ph> pihl has created his own dialet
12:32:39 <@k3ph> bow to him
12:32:50 <~pihl> "use the mother fucking wikipedia, bro"
by LiteralKa February 13, 2009
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