the tightest rappers around comprized of 4 of the sickest mc's to ever do it
but its more then a group and a lifestyle utes stands for everything good if ur a good person then your a UTE
Mike Glisan is a UTE
by Bubb Rubb September 18, 2004
This is the only Bar in Quito - Ecuador that used to have a College in it. However, since it moved to another Av. it became a College with nice people who ALWAYS find where to Hang Out, Drink, Party....
UTE students are so alcoholic LOL
by Poke2000 January 30, 2009
ute (yoot or oot) 1. lame way of referring to kids or youth, usually used by kooks.

2. mating call of a pregnant yak.

3. the sound an old worn out car makes just before it dies.

Kook: "See that ute over there, skating the pool? I've known him since he was a little ute."

Other kook: "Wow. You are so impressive with your wordy sentences."
by name witheld October 29, 2005
another word for cigarette
let's go smoke a ute.
by Andrew9999999 April 20, 2006

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