This is the only Bar in Quito - Ecuador that used to have a College in it. However, since it moved to another Av. it became a College with nice people who ALWAYS find where to Hang Out, Drink, Party....
UTE students are so alcoholic LOL
by Poke2000 January 30, 2009
the tightest rappers around comprized of 4 of the sickest mc's to ever do it
but its more then a group and a lifestyle utes stands for everything good if ur a good person then your a UTE
Mike Glisan is a UTE
by Bubb Rubb September 18, 2004
ute (yoot or oot) 1. lame way of referring to kids or youth, usually used by kooks.

2. mating call of a pregnant yak.

3. the sound an old worn out car makes just before it dies.

Kook: "See that ute over there, skating the pool? I've known him since he was a little ute."

Other kook: "Wow. You are so impressive with your wordy sentences."
by name witheld October 29, 2005
another word for cigarette
let's go smoke a ute.
by Andrew9999999 April 20, 2006

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