A former country which Republicans believe Democrats want to model the U.S. after
Fox News anchor: Once again, the Democrats are trying to turn this country into the U.S.S.R.
by Bob99999 May 12, 2013
Until She Screams Rape her/him
USSR that biatch.
by Johnny Laz November 25, 2003
United Soviet Socialist Republic

Russian abbreviation:

(Wouldn't let me put the Russian spelling...)

Current day Russia
Former Soviet Union
You'd think that the former USSR would have more nuclear missles than the United States...
by Strebloman22 December 04, 2006
acronym for:
guy 1: Dude I joined the USSR!
guy 2: ....that sucks.
The USSR stands for the United Syrup Sipping Radicals, aka Canadians. While another abbreviation (more commonly known) for the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the United Syrup Sipping Radicals is a relatively new "slang" abbreviation used to describe the Canadians.

Person 1: The USSR is eating too much syrup, now there's a shortage!

Person 2: The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics make syrup?

Person 1: No! The United Syrup Sipping Radicals!

Person 2: United Syrup Sipping Radicals?

Person 1: Canadians dude...

Person 2: Oh...
by socomseal45 April 03, 2009
Ultra Super Silent Reading
Yo Dave, you wanna go do some USSR?
by Jake April 21, 2005
the former USA now, called the Union of Socially Significant Republicants...
put the zsar in the pronunciation...

man that last election was a USSR (Uzsar) loser.... duh bya
by magnusonart April 30, 2005

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