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As bad as the Third Reich. Yeah, they're government beat old Hitler away from his oil fields, but look what we got in place of Nazi oppression - Soviet oppression instead. And almost as bad, too.

The USSR did not allow religion. Fact.

The USSR spent enough on useless space exploration to feed its entire starving population. Fact.

The USSR's military was ill-equipt and at NO point was a military match for NATO's or even the United State's alone if a full-scale war had erupted. Fact.

Why do things dissapear? Becuase they don't work. Fact.

The USSR is gone. Fact.
"he USSR was inefficient, and the government was a bit heavy-handed, but if you think it was evil, or that its collapse was a good thing, you are an idiot, just ask <b> anyone who has actually lived there</b>."

Inefficient? It broke down becuase it couldn't support itself anymore! Heavy-handed is a far cry for the 20 MILLION people their government butchered.

How can that idiot defend them becuase of their rediculous and now nearly defunct space program? Ignorance is bliss.
Ask Russians now about it and they say they want it back becuase their military is being man-handled by a few thousand Muslim terrorists.

Ask those millions who were SELECTIVELY STARVED by the Soviet government and you will get a different story. Oh wait, you can't - they're dead!
by Truth & Justice April 07, 2006
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Informally: The Soviet Union
A country that occupied 1/6 of all the land in the world. Existed from 1917 to 1991. Ruled by the Communist Party. Consisted of 15 republics. Controlled all of Eastern Europe, most of Asia, supported some African, Latin American and Middle Eastern countries. Called "The Evil Empire"
- Daddy, what's CCCP?
- It's Russian for USSR.
by Itzik August 09, 2005
1.The country on most classroom maps where Russia should be. Some schools deal with them being outdated by putting up captions saying 'Can you spot which country's have changed?'.
Most simply hope that no-one notices (they don't)

2. Also, where Linka from Captain Planet is from in the early seasons. It later beomes 'Eastern Europe'
Teacher: Could someone please point out Russia?
Student: uhh...What's the U.S.S.R??...and where'd Russia go?
Teacher: Whoops, Sorry! Russia doesn't exist yet...
by flying_potato June 12, 2007
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
All of those new countries surrounding russia were in the U.S.S.R., check out a map pre 90's
by Goofyboi October 20, 2005
Capitalized abbreviation for the United Salt Shaker Revolution. Beginning in March of 2008 in Toms River, NJ, the movement is widely recognized by their United States Postal Service stickers, with the salt shaker logo stamped in black ink in the center. The stickers and logo are posted and tagged in areas where there is a considerable need to 'shake things up'. Many accredit the rarely seen Oliver Leary as the center of this movement, the U.S.S.R. being his brain-child.
Yo, where are all these stickers comin from?

Its the U.S.S.R., man.
by a salter March 26, 2008
place with lots of cheap nukes
oh fuxor here comes da Animal farm to own our ass
by |\|4(}{0 }{4><0|2 December 16, 2003
A former country which Republicans believe Democrats want to model the U.S. after
Fox News anchor: Once again, the Democrats are trying to turn this country into the U.S.S.R.
by Bob99999 May 12, 2013
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