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Basically... those characters who only trait is getting kidnapped or obsessing over a male character... So, no matter who that character saves, heals, or destroys.... he/she will always be useless in the eyes of a fan.. (I mean fans.. not friggen die heart, obsessive things who think they know absolutely everything about that said anime
Major examples of a useless anime characters: Sakura Haruno... The annoying pink haired... thing: "Oh, Sasuuukunnn!! Pleeeaasee let me bear your children.!! ANything for Sasuukuunn!!

Normal Fans: Goddamnit! Shut up
The fugly fans of Naruto who "Know everything" :Yeah, you go Useless character! You'll get Sasuke... even if you have to rape him!

Normal fans: looks at the fuglies and gets to safety away from the things.

Next one, is Orihime from Bleach. She may be a cool character, but she is in the line of being the useless character.

Yamcha from DBZ is pretty self explanatory.....
by Sasukee Uchihaa October 17, 2013
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