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urine vandalism (short: UV)

Like normal vandalism, just by the use of your/someone else's urine.

Adapted from Wiktionary:

Willful damage or destruction of any property with no other purpose than damage or destruction of said property using urine.
+ Yesterday, my boss laid me off. He's such an asshole!
- Really?!?! I think you shouldn't simply accept that!
+ What do you expect me to do?!
- Well, how about some urine vandalism in his office?
+ You sure? I mean, what if they have UV protection?
- If you really want to do a UV, no UV protection in the world can be strong enough!!!
+ You're right. Let's go and grab some beers. I've got a wonderful idea for a UV ...
- Damn, I'm so freaking excited ...
by UVmaster June 02, 2012
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