using urban to find insulting words to use while instant messaging ur bro, because u are bored at work.
Sorry man, i am just going to urbdick u to death today.
by Cupressus August 02, 2005
Top Definition
1) v. To search for the definition of a word on Urban Dictionary

2) n. Short for Urban Dictionary
Person A: "I hear hella people are talking about how amazing ROTPOTA is, but I don't know what it means"

Person B: "You should urbdick it"
by deeeeeeenis August 25, 2011
Urb Dick is an abreviation for "urban dictionary" and is used when not wanting to complete all six syllabyls. it also gives you permission to say 'dick' on a regular basis.
Person A: Hey have you checked the new word of the day?
Person B: Duh, I check it every day on urb dick.
by bamfstat101 March 29, 2010
A guy who uses lots or big words and phrases found on urban dictionary to try to seem cool. Comes off as a dick. Hence UrbDick.
Urbdick: "Brah, I'm so pregrateing this fucking campy ass rave i'm boutta go to. i'm gonna get baked as fuck. you should come, but shit i'm gonna get man points tonight."
guy 1 (whispers to guy 2): "jeez he's so fucking arrogant. and who the hell does he think he is with all these fucking words?!"
guy 2: "i know, he's such an urbdick!"
by UrbDick? May 17, 2013
noun; commonly used as a shorter name for the popular website urban dictionary.
Grant: "dude did you just say swaggin' off?"

Clay: "ya man. I got it from urbdick."

Grant: "ah bro, that site is awesome."
by lalabeach7 February 11, 2011
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