Without any racism intended, it is a failure... a failure in multiple areas of life (not just career). It is one who lets their pants sag. One who should evacuate the city at the earliest possible convenience to live a meaningful, fruitful and experience-rich life. One who emulates the mannerisms, language, and fashions associated with African-American culture, particularly hip hop in the United States or the Grime/Garage scene in Britain. A failed attempt at cultural appropriation. One who gets no fulfillment from work. One who is the weakest link in a friendship network, usually the "mooch" & one who is in debt or utilizes debt. One with no discipline, no true culture, no progress, no patience, no responsibility, no honor, no dignity & no respect. One who believes in the melting pot theory, that old blasphemous, gene-mutating perversion which permanently disfigures their offspring for ten generations. One who believes in immediate self gratification. One who is expecting the government to deliver food stamps and/or financial aid. A complete loser in ever sense of the word.
No, I will not move to Philly. It's filled with crime, drugs, allophillia & urbanites. We'll stay in Hockessin or we're threw.
by theBurbite August 27, 2012
Any diehard and true fan of Keith Urban, Aussie country star
The urbanites gathered outside the stadium waiting for the doors to open to see Keith Urban.
by nov86 June 14, 2008
1)Someone who knows of the "urban language/slang" well
2)A person who subscribes to the Urban Dictionary website
3)One who visits the Urban Dictionary website daily:URBAN OBSESIVE
"Yeah, i go to the site like everyday. I know, I'm an Urbanite"
by Mr. Frank the Urbanite October 16, 2008
a noun.

someone who shops at Urban Outfitters' stores for everything.

urbanites are usually inside the sales rack, digging through sales clothes.
"I'm an urbanite because I was born in the fitting rooms of Urban Outfitters, this is my home!"

"welcome to urban outfitters, baby!"
"thanks, what's on sale?"
"a tiny shredder for 5 bucks!"
by dontdothattwice May 19, 2009
an urbanite is one who speaks fluent urban language or modern lingo. One who adds to or refers to urbandictionary.com on a regular basis.
I am an urbanite fo sho!
by sml1921 February 23, 2009
One who spends far too much time on the urban75 website.
"no wonder you can't get a girlfriend, you're such an urbanite"
by rosa June 11, 2003
Iraqi Information Minister will rise from the dead, you infidel!
My feelings - as usual - we will slaughter them all
Our initial assessment is that they will all die
We will welcome them with bullets and shoes.
When we were making the law, when we were writing the literature and the mathematics the grandfathers of Blair and little Bush were scratching around in caves
by Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf June 12, 2003

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