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1. Relating to, affected by, or resembling city lifestyle or any urban thingy
2. A person whose outlook is urbanized
1. Do you enjoy urbanic music more than the classics?
2. If she's not from the jungle, then she's definitely urbanic.
by timlight January 27, 2010
1. The theory of the Urban language in action.

2. Spoken or written words that are derived from the Urban


3. Anything associated with Keith Urban or any other

Urbanics is taught at all schools outside of the classroom.

His urbanics are hard to follow.

Keith will sell his T- Shirts and other urbanics after the

show tonight.
by Kelmeister February 04, 2010
A dialect of the English language known for its use (and often over-use) of terms from Urban Dictionary as a substitute for colloquial terms.
Dude, quit speaking in Urbanics. Besides, Jenny's a total thrift whore...
by GogurtIsJustYogurt October 04, 2010
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