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Someone who adds words and uses URban Dictionay most of the time.
pronouced: Ur-bee-an

Mother: "Timmy! You're always on that stupid Urban Dictionary! Get off of it! Now!"

Timmy: "But Mother I'm an Urbanian!"

Mother: "I don't care what you are, get of!"

Timmy: "A Mother, Someone who dislikes urban dictionary and wants their children to get of the internets most useful website"

Mother: "I heard that!"
by MEGAZOR August 14, 2009
A person or persons who frequently uses the urban dictionary.
I use the urban dictionary so much my friends now call me an"urbanian".
by Roger R. August 02, 2006
A specific person who uses Urban Dictionary phrases in every sentence, while most normal people cannot understand anything they say without checking Urban Dictionary multiple times a day. They tend to ward off most people trying to make conversation with them by using such unknown phrases.
Normal Person texting:
Oh Hey.
Can We Go
And see the movies? Sorry. text got cut off.

Urbanian: Omgg stop Shatner Texting me!!

Normal Person: Uh...so what are you doing today?

Urbanian: Macaulay Culking it.

Normal Person: Oh..that's good? See ya later.

Urbanian: Peace d00d.
by GooseGirl November 23, 2012