A dictionary that is polite, refined, and often elegant in manner.
The American Heritage Dictionary is an urbane dictionary.
by Greg Snelgar May 31, 2006
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If it existed, it some would say it to be the exact opposite of Urban Dictionary. In reality, Urban Dictionary is just a subset of a truly Urbane Dictionary, ideally conceived.
One would perhaps not expect to find offensive slang, misspellings or incorrect grammar in the Urbane Dictionary. Urban Dictionary however? Par for the course, old boy. The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is quite urbane, though congnizant of urban slang. A good, truly urbane dictionary, however, would not seek to be prescriptive, it would faithfully report usage, both vulgar and sublime, without overt judgement or censorship. Thus, the OED and Urban Dictionary truly need each other, in the grand scheme of things.
by JJR1971 February 02, 2007
The exact opposite of the 'Urban Dictionary'. If such a website existed, it would have the definitions of 'posh' or 'sophisticated' words within it.

The closet example I could find was 'www.oldedictionary.com'
Urbane Dictionary Dewd: Thou is but a grovelling horeson!

Urban Dewd: Sheeeeet! U bin reiding dat 'urbane dickshunary' agein?
by Naname August 27, 2012
The entity, separate from UrbanDictionary, which defines words with proper grammar and punctuation, in the style of actual dictionaries.
UrbanDictionary definition of Serial Chiller:

"a dude who kiks back and relaxes and doesnt worry bout shit."

UrbaneDictionary definition of Serial Chiller:

"A person who always kicks back, kicks it, relaxes. One who rarely shoulders responsibility and avoids stress and anxiety."
by James Bell January 13, 2007
A way for bad spellers to enter this website.
Yo man, I went to urbane dictionary and it sent me to urbandictionary.
by Mavenick November 09, 2005
An Urban Dictionary Word of the Day suitable for use in polite conversation.
Guy 1: What's today's word of the day on Urban Dictionary?
Guy 2: dildough-means money required to purchase sex toys.
Guy 1: Whoa hah hoa! That's a riot. But not an urbane dictionary.
Guy 2: You're telling me! Did you see the PM drop the old screenior citizen the other day though?
Guy 1: Yeha. Lolz. That shit went down. Our new PM-he's an urbane dictionary fiend.
by tunisia September 17, 2010
An online dictionary that is the EXACT same
thing as Urban Dictionary. Typing in www.urbanedictionary.com (note the 'e' after 'urban') will bring you to www.urbandictionary.com (no 'e'), even though Urbane and Urban mean two different things.
"Yo what the fuck does crump-thump mean, homie?"

"I dunno lemme check on Urbane Dictionary"

"You mean Urban dictionary?"

"It's the same thing!"
by Forreal Williams April 02, 2005
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