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To have submitted and been approved for publication by
Tom: "Yo shitface, I just thought of a great word for -"broesy"
Bill: "Get fukkin' real. I urbandictionaried that weeks ago."
by stockman09 July 06, 2007
To submit a perfectly valid word definition to, only to have it arbitrarily rejected.
What the hell??? You'll accept the definition of "apple: a fuckin' fruit", but you'll reject my definition? I got Urban Dictionaried.
by Brianator37 January 21, 2013
Said to a word that has been added to the Urban Dictionary... therefore this website.
I just Urban Dictionaried the word "Urban Dictionaried".
by GreenMushroom16 April 09, 2008
when a specific person's trait, personality, or experience has been added and accepted by an online reference website
Mary's take charge personality has been forever immortalized online. She has been urban dictionaried.
by Happy Girly of course! February 20, 2010
The process of being unfairly rejected by an internet urban dictionary website.
Pete: I just got urban dictionaried by my history teacher; he didn't even read my paper, he just gave it back and smiled.

Paul: That sucks balls man.
by Risky Rick December 14, 2008
Verb. Past Tense
To search for words or phrases and their meanings via urban dictionary.
Person #1: mindfuck, an idea or concept that shakes one's previously held beliefs or assumptions about the nature of reality....

Person #2: (Comprehending) Oh so is that what that word means?

Person #1: Yeah, urban-dictionaried it this morning.

Person #2: Cool.
by Julie Rose October 26, 2006
1) To be in a conversation where another friend says something that you have no idea of the meaning of, and have to look up afterwards.
2) To be insulted by a person who obsessively looks up new words on Urban Dictionary. Even worse if you have no idea what they're talking about.
1) Jack: I just donkey kicked my bitch last night. Fuckin good!
You: Umm. . Yeah. . .

Jack: You know what I'm talking about, right?
Random passerby: Lol, you just got urban dictionaried!

2) Livy: You such a limp noodle.

You: Uh. . whhaaatt? I'm trying to listen to Fallout Boy here.
Livy: YAG.
You: Huh?
Livy: Gaylord.
You: *phone rings* Oh, I gotta talk to my babe.
Livy: How's slut chops then?
You: *walk off confused*
by TrollingFrog June 23, 2014
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