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the process by which hte boy is removed from the city, but not the city from the boy.
after his urbandectomy james started a ruthless troup of cow-tippers
by Yoda man April 28, 2004
6 8

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Removing words from www.urbandictionary,com.
Did you notice that they now perform urbandectomies at Good idea for reomoving some of the unfortunate entries.
by machiavellean December 06, 2003
24 5
Process whereby a human being loses the diseased and contaminated environment of the city, to live a healthy and happy existence in a rural area.
Eric: "Hey Malcolm, what are you doing in Kentucky?
Malcolm: "I had an urbandectomy- got rid of that festering New York!"
by Malcolm X-crement December 27, 2003
16 7
The removal of any one of's few intelligent and witty definitions. Can also be used as a verb.
That funny definition of murder got urbanectomied, but at least there are still more than 200 stupid definitions of Jesus.
by UD's going to hell May 25, 2004
9 13