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contemptuous sarcasm of utter pointlessness
idiot 1. i've got a new pen
idiot 2. man thats got to be the urban word of the day
by blobfish July 16, 2008
a daily, often flimsy and apparently unmoderated attempt at humor, hipness or wordplay.
I just posted the first thing that popped into my head and miraculously it became Urban Word Of The Day.
by Grandpa Scorpion December 03, 2010
A daily email sent to those on the Urban Dictionary newsletter mailing list. The 'Urban Word of the Day' is the word and definition selected for the day's newsletter. Most of these receive instant thumbs downs, as they are somewhat random, and most of the good words on this site are already taken.
As of today, 'SOML', 'iflml', and 'going multiball' are the three latest 'Urban Word of the Day's. Each has at least twice as many downward thumbs as there are thumbs up.
by LeeEyeLa June 05, 2009
Can be abbreviated "UWOTD"

A daily e-mail informing people of a stupid definition of a usually pre-existing word submitted by an anonymous source on the internet. Many find said words to be "clever" or "funny".

While many who receive this e-mail take pleasure in learning something humorous each day, inevitably it becomes an annoyance when the recipient doesn't check his/her e-mail for days at a time, causing a slight inconvenience when they have to read up to several definitions in one sitting.
Frank: "Hey Tom, did you see today's Urban Word of the Day? Funny stuff!"

Tom: "Oh don't get me started! I had to read like 10 of those today! I haven't checked my e-mail in over a week!"
by GRFan May 02, 2010
A word that is well described on the home page of urban dictionary The word is usually something that people need to know to survive the urban world for at least a day. This word is something vital to your survival, so everybody who can, should really read this word every day of their lives.
Bobby: I read the UWOTD... it really helped me out
Tom: It obviously does man, I mean it's THE URBAN WORD OF THE DAY
Bobby: Yeah, I heard it was vital to your survival
Tom: It is, man. It is.
by Lalaperson123 July 02, 2011
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