A clothing store for the urban, fashion-forward thinkers. It is an urban yet retro style for anyone, and they also sell house decor as well as cameras and knick knacks.
Read if you LOVE Urban Outfitters

NOTE: Fashion at UO is consistently copied from, also ripped off by mainstream, poser, teenage stores like Hollister Co., American Eagle, and Aeropostale which later you can see on the posers you hate at school or college kids at the mall.

You KNOW it's true
by honestwhisper September 27, 2010
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A store that sells clothes "affordable" for its, ahem, demographic. Makes money by stealing smaller designer's templates, corporatizing "designs" and funding Rick Santorum with the massive revenue generated by college kids who would never shop at thrift stores but still want the indie look.
I just got the Stuff Every Woman Should Know book from Urban Outfitters. It includes things like, "how to sew a button back on" and "how to smile at people you don't like." SO progressive
by Snailheads July 15, 2012
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Bullshit store where you can buy overpriced personality, and quirky indeviduality, only for $9384752983457139045.98. All the money goes to support corrupt goverment and fascism. big marketer of the Pre-ripped Pre-Doodled pre-soul jeans
cindy: sweet!!!! can we go to starbucks first?
sue: SURE! and then to ambercormbie?
cindy: OK!
both : *sigh* o urban outfitters were would our sense of self be without u
by PirateSuki September 01, 2005
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a store that sells cool, indie/hipster, vintage-looking, overpriced clothes.
I used to want to model for urban outfitters, but then I realized I had a butt & boobs.
by floating_goat April 21, 2011
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An overpriced thrift store, similar to a Goodwill and/or Salavation Army.
Look at this sweet faded tee shirt I got at Urban Outfitters!
by Teddy_diggs June 09, 2016
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This is a great store for hippie-type clothing. The clothing is so cheap, so it is great for shopping sprees. They sell mostly vintage hippie loose shirts, and great accessories. It is so cheap!!
I just went to urban outfitters and got such a cute hippie dress.
by CUTiiEE March 29, 2009
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