An overrated urban store which sells nothing but strange yet quirky stuff suitable for those who either prefer not to be labled but are labled anyway or preps attempting to show their deep side.
OMG Urban Outfitters everything is so cool and unique and I might fool myself into thinking I have a sense of individualism if I shop here!
by Katykitkatkate October 18, 2010
A place where you pay a lot of money to look like a homeless person
Are those clothes from goodwill or urban outfitters?
by Cuddlebuggles March 20, 2015
Where Urban Dictionary is most likely sold and where Urban outfitters get hipster slang to appeal to the trust funders with all the dough.
" Lets go to Urban Outfitters to get The new copy of Urban dictionary so we can leech off the ideas of others and neatly place it on our brand new vintage coffee table our parents bought while we attend FIDM "
by PUKEBLOOD September 19, 2007
A booty place where they sell overpriced clothes and frame and interrogate teenagers for no reason, then let adults who set off the alarm go
"Wow, that's store is almost as booty as urban outfitters!"
by Bucketgurl June 23, 2014
A unique clothing store found in urban areas with clothing mostly labeled as hipster, boho or indie. Yes, they're stuff is expensive but if you look hard enough a lot of it isn't. They also have amazing sale racks with great deals and good clothing. You just need to know how to look. I like this store because it has different clothing, even though some can be a little weird. They also sell home goods that young people would buy. Some of they're stores also sell records and vintage looking items. Urban is one of my favorite stores.
"I walked into Urban Outfitters and saw a bunch of weird clothing."

"Well I shop at Urban and find great stuff."
by hip1234567 January 02, 2012
Trying to make people pay thirty dollars for a shirt they can find at Goodwill.
Despite the fact I think that slogan is clever Im totally positive your trying to pull an Urban Outfitters.
by Steffy Stefanovich December 21, 2003
Just like how you have Hot Topic for your alternatives and Hollister for your preps, you have Urban Outfitters for your hipsters.
A lot of people tend to assume any one who shops at a commercially popular store is automatically a poser of said label to which the store's primary target is. That's not necessarily true. It's OK to shop there because you like the clothes, even if they can be overpriced. However, a lot of people who shop there do tend to be "hipsters", and as a "hipster" store it's no longer hipster, because with the hipster movement being mainstream in itself something can only be hipster until it's called hipster.
Personally, I wouldn't shop there simply because it's too commercial, so they think they can jack up the prices of things to more than it's worth. Whether or not you shop there is ultimately up to you, but for the sake of society, if you can help it don't shop there to be hipster. Please, we already have enough "hipsters" in this world.
"hipster": I got this shirt is from Urban Outfitters because that shop it's so anti-mainstream!

Someone-not-trying-to-be-anything-or-prove-anything: I got this shirt from Urban Outfitters because I just like this shirt, and perhaps I like some of the stuff Urban Outfitters sells regardless who it targets its products to.
by Sachi-san November 01, 2013
A store that sells clothes "affordable" for its, ahem, demographic. Makes money by stealing smaller designer's templates, corporatizing "designs" and funding Rick Santorum with the massive revenue generated by college kids who would never shop at thrift stores but still want the indie look.
I just got the Stuff Every Woman Should Know book from Urban Outfitters. It includes things like, "how to sew a button back on" and "how to smile at people you don't like." SO progressive
by Snailheads July 15, 2012

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