An overrated urban store which sells nothing but strange yet quirky stuff suitable for those who either prefer not to be labled but are labled anyway or preps attempting to show their deep side.
OMG Urban Outfitters everything is so cool and unique and I might fool myself into thinking I have a sense of individualism if I shop here!
by Katykitkatkate October 18, 2010
A clothing store. The stuff there ranges from crappy and horribly over priced, to beautiful and high-quality. And no, for the millionth time, shopping there does not necessarily make you a poser/hipster/emo/spoiled rich kid.
Oooh, I love that dress at Urban Outfitters. Better start saving my money.

Who the fuck spends $60 on a ruined pair of shorts?!
by Queen of Soup March 30, 2009
You guys are mean. People who shop there aren't trying to be hipsters. People shouldn't judge people on what they wear. If I see a shirt and I think its cute, I buy it if I have the cash. If not oh well.Really cute shirts, jeans, skirts, furnitures. A bit pricey but its worth it.
Oh wow that granite wash shirt is so cute! where'd you get it?
Urban outfitters!
by Tesssssa December 25, 2005
Where rich people shop to look like poor people.
person 1: hey, why don't we check out urban outfitters? it's really trendy.

person 2: No way man. Every one who shops at Urban Outfitters is a poser. They're trying to look like a hippie but they're not at all. Real hippies dont have the money for this overpriced garbage.
by ceramic_smoothie May 13, 2009
the most orgasmic store in the world. the music they play in there is so much better than the techno shit they play in other store.
i feel so cool today i think im going to urban outfitters today.
by i <3 indie December 05, 2005
A store that tries to mass produce the "thrift store vintage look." My question is what's cool about buying mass produced "poser" vintage? People who started the thrift store movement did it to make a statement against "brands" in general, and corporate America. Urban Outfitters is a publicly traded company on the stock market and all they care about are their sales, and keeping investors happy. A far cry from being "indie" or "underground." I would much rather support a local thrift store then, try to obtain that stolen, exploited look from these guys.
That's a cool tye dye shirt, did you make it? No, I bought it for $112 at Urban Outfitters. It's a good thing I own stock in the company, they know how to exploit the youth, and making them believe they are indie, and underground.
by Theeng May 09, 2011
The place for suburban kiddies with subscriptions to Nylon to get the latest Cory Kennedy uniform.
Girl 1: WOW! I love the way you paired those blue fishnets with that oversized neon green sweater, gold chains, and rainbow Adidas hi-tops! Where'd you get that stuff?

Girl 2: URBAN OUTFITTERS! I'm so artsy and urban and unique! I should have Cobrasnake and Terry Richardson take my picture!
by kikikikikikikiki March 16, 2008
A place where people who are trying to be cool and creative with what they wear buy all of their clothing so they can look "different" from everyone else.
Mostly "indie" people buy their highly priced clothing from there.
Urban outfitters is The Man for people trying to be creative. While other truly creative people go out and shop for their clothes at thrift stores for one of a kind pieces. Or better yet make their clothing.
Jessica: omg i just got this really cute different shirt at Urban Outfitters...

Lauren: ohh really!? i bet you everyone and their mother are going to have it at school tomorrow...
by gedf eigh December 26, 2008
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