A group of mostly whining punk teenagers, 20- and 30-somethings (with myself and a few others as exceptions) who declare all Republican thought to be evil or satanic because of their incompetent and uninformed beliefs about liberalism being the best way to go. Often will bash Presidents such as Bush and Reagan, or conservative-thinking geniuses such as Sean Hannity to make their "anti-establishment" point, even though the anti-establishment age of whiny punk rock was over with the last of Nirvana's new music. The epitome of a group who fights for a hypocritical cause, demanding free speech, press, and etc, while trying to censor and bar conservative thought for reasons the overwhelming majority could never possibly fathom. More often then not these teenagers know nothing about real politics, the success of or the word Reaganomics, or real life as it is.
Urban Dictionary Users: Wow, the government sucks. Reagan didn't save the economy or end the Cold War, Clinton did. Liberalism and free downloads for life!!! Fuck the establishment!

Sane Person: Get a life and a job, punk loser. Why don't you learn about the news before talking fake trash about it. Moron.
by Reagan is #1 March 03, 2006
Top Definition
Someone who posts definitions on this site. There are two types of UD Users that I've noticed:
1) The user who tries very hard to post an unbiased opinion and not to take sides.
2) The user who is a complete and total douche and only posts insulting, vulgar, and downright rude definitions. These are also the users who flame like there's no tomorrow, band together to try to remove definitions that they don't agree with, and tend to have small dicks. In short, the users that are ruining this site.
Of the two users, the latter are the reason I resort to wikipedia more than here.
by Matt July 16, 2005
an idiot who tags definitions as "inaccurate" or "offensive" because they don't understand the concept of Urban Dictionary being OFFENSIVE SLANG.
user: "huuuh hhuh, i dont like the term of 'nigger' coz its racist, even tho black people say it too...huhhh uhhhuh..."
by Squatdog January 06, 2004
People who waste thier time learning words that no one but other UrbanDictionary Users know
Justina: me and my bf did an alabama hotpoket :P

Bobert: wtf?

Justina: I can tell you're not a UrbanDictionary user xD

Bobert: o_O
by IAteUrCookieNowFhuckOff October 06, 2010
People who use urban dictionary for fun. Often has no life
You are a urban dictionary user.
by CrazyandIknowit July 10, 2015
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