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An uncited, open-access online dictionary purporting to catalogue the vernacular of urban-based minorities, with a contributing editorial force comprised exclusively of suburban-based caucasians.
Fearing that his "rhymes" were beginning to lack the hard-edged street integrity they once boasted, Ja Rule consulted the Urban Dictionary for the latest ghetto buzz words. Ever the perfectionist, Rule further sought linguistic reinforcment by contacting the world's foremost authority on Ebonics (and principal contributing editor of said dictionary): Bobby Anderson, captain of the boys high school tennis team in Westport, CT.
by yit sack rabeen April 24, 2007
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An online "dictionary" for slang terms, with a light side and a dark side.

The light side is, if there is a widely used word, that's not in the English vocabulary (officially), and you want to know what it means, chances are, you may find it here.

Now, for the dark side: poor monitoring. Though you may find the word you're looking for, chances of finding it on a definition that is accurate, non-opinion-showing, and un-hateful are extremely rare.

Because of how poorly monitored the site is, Spammers take advantage of it and post words with definitions that are inaccurate, hateful, violent, offensive, and/or maybe even porn-related.

Fortunately, there is the "recommend for removal" feature and sensible people can come and have such definitions removed. However, the Spammers can post as fast as (if not faster than) those people can remove.

One definition you might find could be as bad as the example below:

(Please note that I have nothing against the television show "Barney". That is just an example.)
"A stupid f---ing TV show about lame, love-dovey f---ingness, like Barney. It is stupid and g--, like Barney. Oh, and I hate Barney."

Source: "Anti-Barney"
by DanMat6288 June 02, 2004
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The place where you learn everything you know about everything.

Also the place where good people become corrupt.
I learned everything I know about everything from Urban Dictionary!

I became corrupt after clicking random several times on Urban Dictionary!
by blahhhhhg December 07, 2009
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An online dictionary that teenagers and college students make horrible slang entries for words. Their entries often are sexual, racist, anti-semetic, poorly written, and very vague. Shows one of the reasons why the world's education is steadily becoming worse.

Although Wikipedia is also editible by anyone, Wikipedia is a much better site to look for definitions. It's more of an encyclopedia, but their community is alot better than this site.
Urban Dictionary is
by EugeneY. November 10, 2007
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A place where the lemmings of society, outcasts if u will; congregate, gather. To further spread the parasitic disease of “propaganda”.

Distortion of truth, lies, bullshit.
We used the Urban Dictionary to look up bullshit.
by :G September 24, 2006
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A dictionary which can be edited by anybody, so you can find many words that wouldn't be in a normal dictionary. It's mostly used for slang terms.
Urban Dictionary is the websight you're on right now buddy.
by HELLO AND HI. February 11, 2009
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Helping white people understand rap lyrics since 1999.
Rimz, what the fuck is rimz? I'd better check urbandictionary.
by Daskman June 19, 2008
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