You, sir, are an asshole.
I went on on urban dictionary and the first thing i did was look up "urban dictionary".
by Lee fouchebag April 13, 2008
1.Someone who knows everything urban-related

2. A place where losers go when they don't know what their home dawg is saying. Or for future referances
1. He's is a walking urban dictionary!!

2. Before we go to the club, let's check out urban dictionary!
an online website that defines words
urban dictionary defines words
by Eric Desautel November 24, 2007
A dictionary that lets you speak the inside language of others.
I kept feeling uncomfortable inside the 7-11, so I looked it up on Urban Dictionary to find out why.
by Jack Daniels 2011 October 30, 2011
Online Dictionary , Written by ignorant people, with defenitions mostly used or made up that, fuck knows how they got them. Mostly Funny.
Mike -"Hey Jhonny I went to Urban Dictionary Online and found out that white people are known as "crackers".

Jhonny-"Damn, We are Crakers?"
by The Wiser One June 11, 2009
its the site your on dickhead
guy:hey i saw an explanation of urban dictionary on urban dictionary.

other guy:dude your an idiot you actualy looked it up?
by the dude who rules March 05, 2009
a website that contains the secret defitition of urban dictionary. type in to find out!
Example should include the word "Urban Dictionary"
by Boshein January 26, 2009

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