A dictionary that explains to people about certain slangs and words.Also it is a place where fucktards like to post hate definitions to Juggalos and Juggalettes.The people who diss Juggalos and Juggalettes on urban dictionary are just Half-witted Hoes, and Wrong minded Whores.They like to fucking sit behind their computers and be bitches.Saying shit about Juggalos and Juggalettes. Well they should just fuck off. They just mad cuz they sit at home all day and eat their fucking munchies.
Some examples that people like the ones who diss juggalos are just bitches:
Ex 1. Juggalo: Hey man do you like ICP?!?! They fuckin rule!!!!
Someone who disses Juggalos constantly on urban dictionary: NO WAY!!! YOUR MUSIC SUCKS!!!
Someone who disses Juggalos constantly on urban dictionary :- at home on his bed eating food while listening to music - "Oh yes...yes....oh justin bieber....oh you are awesome.....

Ex 2. Someone who disses Juggalos constantly on urban dictionary: -is at home dissing juggalos- "HA!!! EAT THAT JUGGALOSER!!!!"
Someone who disses Juggalos constantly on Urban Dictionary goes up to his mom: "Hey mom...you will like what i did today.... I DISSED JUGGALOS!"
-mom beats Someone who disses Juggalos constantly on urban dictionary-
Someone who disses Juggalos constantly on urban dictionary:"WHAT WAS THAT FOR MOM?!?!!?!?!"
by Born To Mourn January 24, 2011
urban dictionary is the dictionary you wrote.DEFINE YOUR WORLD.
person 1:what getto mean?
person 2:i dont know.

person 1:hey i know look it up on the urban dictionary!
by the sheperd April 04, 2009
An online dictionary written by people just like you....
But most people who actually fill this site with words dont even know the definition of Urban
Most of the guys get their jokes from:
- Urban Dictionary
- Yo Momma

But are to stupid
to know what they are saying
Heey, check it out,
It's a battle....

A WHAT.. he stole that from Urban Dictionary!
by likmeanus April 03, 2009
A free online dictionary for posting bullshit definitions for words and for leaning mindless definitions for words posted by other retarded users.
I am going to use the Urban Dictionary to put a stupid definition for the word cat just for a laugh.
by Wabbz February 01, 2009
Urban dictionary is simply the only dictionary any person ever needs. It is extremely factual and scientific.
-shit who the fuck is obama?
-idk look it up in Urban Dictionary
by ay dey dey{[wants a jonas]} October 16, 2008
your an asshole
-"i went to urbandictionary.com to look up the definition of an urban dictionary"
-"your an asshole"
by khenry1991 July 24, 2008
The best on the Web!
This dictionary is an on-line, user-collaborative, open-editing slanguage dictionary that lets you submit your lamer-than-thou definitions and tag those defs to others (complete with sound and pics), in a cool and "fularious" way, you cannot find anywhere else on the I-Way! Heh, lame? Maybe...but hella fun!

It's "your world"...define it! Dig the lix peop!

UrbanDictionary is for word junkies, wordaholics, wordmasters, wordmeisters, wordinistas, word nerds, wordsimths, word/phrasemongers, language-watchers, languagizers, langdroppers, langwizards, linguanauts, linguacentrics, linguomanicas, linguisticists, linguisticians, lingoers, verbivores, verbologists, verbificators, verbificients, vocabularians, phonotacticians, fablinguists, logotechnicians, logologists, logophiles, logolepts, etymomaniacs, entymologists, glottomaniacs, acronomainacs/ acronymphomanicas, bombilogophiles, grammarchists, jargonauts, neologoists, neologicians, leximanes, leximavens, lexicuriouses, lexiconnoisseurs, dictaddicteds, dictionarexics, derds (dictionary nerds)... full to hilt with Nenglish (New English), buzzwords/ buzzphrases/ buzzonyms, fuzzwords, stuntwords, noncewords, playwords, ghostwords, awkwords, unwords, drunkwords, junkwords, pseudowords, pseudologies/ pseudologisms/ cryptopseudologisms, neologisms, tubercolloquialisms, slanguage/ slanguistics, scatolinguistics, Bestiary English/ foulese, ebonics (a.k.a Ubonics 'Urban Black phonotics'/ Ebony phonitics or African American Vernacular English or AAVE), Jewbonics/ Hibernics/ hebonics, Bubbonics/ Bubbanese, slurvian/ slurds (slurwords), stringwords/ chainwords/ antwords (or collectively 'agglutinative words'), Manglish (mangled English), scramblish (scarmbled English), Weblish/ Egnet/ Netois/ Internetese/ webonics (sometimes called 'dweebonics'!)/ Techlish/ Txtlish/ Textlish/ textspeak/ IMlish/ Imglish / Netspeak, webswev ('web-siginficantly watered-English verbosity'), typo slang/ typologisms/ typegasms/ random typing, eggcorns, croms ('cromulents' or Simpsonisms/ Homerisms), jokelang, Sniglets (also, 'snigglets'), daffynitions/ goffynitions, lexicomics, laxicons, lexiles (or 'impactful ignorants'), Lexcrecons, lexcrement, confusage, self-coinages/-coins, autocoinages/ writos, encryptlish, backwordslang/ backwordsings/ relex/ dislipisa, eye dialects, camouflanguage/ grammouflanguage/ grammar slack, lexicofabricogaphy, conlang (or 'constructed language')/ fauxlang/ fablang/ evolang/ englang, codelang, neography (or 'model languages'), pubilect, sociolect, familylect, teenspeak/ teenlang, Popney/ Mockney/ Tikkney/ Rhyming slang, politonics/ Newspeak/ doublespeak/ euphemes, generonyms, acronyms ('abbreviated coded endetion of name, yielding meaning' or FASGROLIA: fast-growing language of initilasims and acronyms)/ stackronyms, nerbs ('noun-verbs'), ...

by hammer---;, hytham March 24, 2007

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