You're an asshole.
Dude, I went online and looked up "urban dictionary" on and it said "you're an asshole"
by Allen S March 10, 2009
A great place to go if you want someone's opinion.
Person 2: "Urban Dictionary is polluted with opinionated, illiterate ninth graders."
Person 3: "UrBaN dIcTiOnArY iS lYk So0o0o0o AwSuM!!!1111elevenelevenoneoneone!!!1!1"
Person 4: "haaaa urban dick-tionary is -- what the fuck, is that spongebob hitting a rhinoceros on the head with a hammer while shitting out a toaster oven? ...heh heh heh. mehhh, i need more ellessdee, yo."
by qazswxedcrfvtgbyhnumik,ol. February 15, 2009
Do you really have nothing better to do then look up urban dictionary on urban dictionary?

you better not make me come out of this computer...
I mean it stop searching urban dictionary and go get a life

by Kylie CHACHA! July 13, 2008
A slang dictionary with your definitions
Dude check out it's great. It is an urban dictionary.
by Junkrocka May 12, 2008
a fucking funny ass website were anybody can type some dumbass shit and get a grammy
Urban dictionary look this mo fucka up
by angelesmadera April 02, 2008
You know you have way too much free time when you search Urban Dictionary on Urban Dictionary
Urban Dictionary is the bomb-diggity
by Pakidz December 07, 2006
Urban Dictionary is an online dictionary whose definitions are contributed by users. Most words featured on Urban Dictionary are slang, particularly ambiguous slang. A paper version of the dictionary has been published in 2005.
online definitions by authors at urbandictionary
by P. redeckis May 28, 2006

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