A person who uses a lot of words from the golrious site known as urbandictionary.com
Guy#1: That kid constantly uses hip slang terms from urbandictionary.com

Guy#2: Yah, hes such an urban dictionary
by strikemasterice April 13, 2009
The place to go whenever someone says something that you dont know what it means, but you really feel like you should know what it means...
Guy 1: ya man, Susy is a freak. The other night she did the Alligator Fuckhouse to me!!

Guy 2: Wow thats neat, what's an Alligator Fuckhouse?

Guy 1: Ah dude, just look it up on Urban Dictionary.
by free styler miler April 03, 2009
The name of this website.
You're reading it! ^_^

Person 1: Hey did you hear about that new word?

Person 2: Yeah, where did you hear about it?

Person 1: On urbandictionary.
by skater924 March 30, 2009
101 (Thousand) Hidden Sexual Innuendos (and Many Blatant but Unrealized Sexual Meanings for Just About Everything)
90% of the items on Urban Dictionary (including most of the items in the list at the left of the screen RIGHT NOW) have bizarre, obscure, perverted (often hilarious) sexual meanings, since much of the content is provided by nerds who jack off to Teletubbies.

Go on, click one. I dare you.
by teh roflman March 10, 2009
the gayest people cuz they wont accept perfectly legitimate words like alderchokie i mean come on !
hmm. lets see what people have sent in today.......alderchokie. oh no that is too cool for us we cant accept it is too famous and here at urban dictionary we are gay! gay people -_-
by ALDERCHOKIEISNORMAL! December 15, 2008
An online slang dictionary filled with penis euphemisms.
"dude, i have a huge crayon set (penis)"
"check urban dictionary, then return, knowledgeful with urban slang"
by |meh| April 12, 2007
A fawesome dictionary telling webster to stick a thumb up his butt.
Omg that definition should so be in the urban dictionary.
by Sarah Kyle November 10, 2006

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