A place that is supposed to be a slang dictionary, but instead 99.99999 % of the words are real words that one might find in the dictionary.
Tammy: What does 'obstreperous' mean?

Samuel: I dunno, why don't you look it up on Urban Dictionary?
by Jamorto March 16, 2008
An online dictionary composed primarily of definitions related to either sex, poop, or a combination of the two.
Person 1: Have you noticed that 99.9% of the definitions on Urban Dictionary have to do with sex and/or poop?
Person 2: Hell yea, I wrote the "Hot Carl" entry last week.
by JJYY January 01, 2008
A Dictionary for the street people, For the cool people not for any one searching for school words...

a great web site...
Dictionay with slang words...
a dictiony you can add your own defintions to...
is the best babi! yeh yea!
by ER-Ban-Dict- SHON- na-Ay June 12, 2003
The fact that you typed in Urban Dictionary means that you are very bored and that you have typed in every other word you have thought about and clicked random too many times!!!
I am sorry to all those 1% that are actually curious!!
Jake: OMG I have literally typed in every single word that I can think of!!! I have even past the stage where I have typed in Urban Dictionary!!!

Harvey: Yes but have you tried writting in Aransithide
by Hrvy Brchr January 28, 2010
Urban Dictionary is the dictionary you wrote. Define your world.
Notice the top of the page under the searchbar? it says "Urban Dictionary is the dictionary you wrote. Define your world."
by teh_musician May 04, 2009
fresh hot sick dope ill the meaning of life spiritual

The Urban Dictionary is new, fresh, hip, hot, sick, dope, and the only mother fucking thing worth reading. It has been dubbed as the Bible by a new spiritual group called the Righteous Rev_Oh_Lue_Shun. The Urban Dictionary is called the Urban Bible by the members of the Righteous Rev_Oh_Lue_Shun whom are currently holding fundraisers in lovely La Mesa California in their mission to distribute this book of knowledge and wisdom to their family, friends, and the world for free.
Erika: "Mom, why are you calling the Urban Dictionary the Bible?"

Mom: "Because I've already studied the bible in four (4) different translations, including the Catholic bible which has extra books, the Torah, and the Quran and they are all fucking boring to me at this point. The Urban Dictionary is fresh, new, insightful, interesting, and was not written two thousand (2000) years ago by a bunch of mother fucking men."

Erika: "Yeah but the bible says we are not to add too or take away from the bible."

Mom: "That's true honey, but WHO exactly are WE? When one of you kids come up with the answer I'll quit."

by The Anrkissed May 10, 2008
The website you're on right now, jackass.
I went to urbandictionary.com and looked up "urbandictionary" because I thought it would be clever.
by Your Dad367347543567 July 25, 2006

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