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The most fucked up, coolest fuck'n dictionary in the world!
The Urban Dictionary is the coolest. Me and Kristi had a great time with it last night.
by Fabio Hernandeze Jr. March 13, 2008
A place where everything is sexually related to sex. Watch.
Haha whats a dirty missionary doggy fuck?
Dunno...lets look it up on urban dictionary.
by haha pie. May 27, 2007
A site that was originally intended to be a dictionary for slang words, but has apparently gone "downhill" because now its a place for everyone to display their opinions, stupid or not.

The site is now intended for people to complain about how stupid and preachy everyone is on the site while at the same time they ARE preaching... about how stupid and preachy and everyone on the site is.

Other Person - You people from urban dictionary just write your biased opinions and utter bullshit with your heads up your asses, all of you.

Me - Well golly gee, you could always screw off if you want to, because I, and a lot of other people, like it.


Other Person #2 - Are you serial? You're all black-hating racists

Me - Or we're people enraged by America's pathetic social state, where everyone has to be politically correct minority-ass-kissing people, or you'll get your ass kicked and lose your job.
by The War Ham April 28, 2007
A website where the guys who run it must be from Chicago. Since they're scared to post my factual definition of Chicago. They know the truth hurts.
Urbandictionary needs to stop violating my freedom of speech. Everyone post definition of a city that's disrespectful. Mine is factual that you can actually research.
by capital of the world, NY November 29, 2004
The hottest site on the net for police officers to figure out what the hell you are talking about. Please stop snitching out the underground by defining slang and codewords on this site.
Officer Tom - "We've reviewed the wiretaps, but I can't understand a damn word those niggers are saying."

Officer Dick - "I agree, Tom. These guys use all sorts of slang and codewords that we don't understand. It's becoming increasing difficult for our undercover officers to blend in during our investigations because they make up new words everyday."

Officer Harry - "Hey guys. No problem. We can just go to Urban Dictionary to decipher what they are talking about and we can present evidence in court, no problem. Hell, we can even pass this information to our officers in the field thus making our jobs alot easier."

Officer Dick - "Harry, you're a fucking genius! This site is terrific! 'That's a bet' basically means 'yes'. I had no idea."

Officer Tom - "Hey guys, I'm gonna go grab some coffee and doughnuts. Wanna come?"

Officer Harry - "That's a bet!"

by Word Is Bizzond March 18, 2008
Your an a**hole for looking up this word on here.
Luke: "whats the definition of urban dictionary ON urban dictionary?"

Jax: "Your an a**hole."
by Jaxblade20 January 22, 2008
Where you are right now duh. look at the logo!
look at logo this is urban dictionary doooooooow duuh and woopie
by Christopher jeremic October 30, 2007