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World's best dictionay (No Joke)...I believe so and hopefully someday it will become more famous dictionary than oxford and the reason why I believe it's the best "creative" dictionary on earth is...people are given freedom to define any word in their term on their own base of knowledge with the examples. it really makes me smile and I can understand anyword better than any other dictionary like answers.com,dictionary.com and other crap....in fact Urban Dictionary is an innovative tool to grow your knowledge in every damn field.
Tiff: What are you doing?
Shrid: I'm reading UD
Tiff: what's that?
Shrid: Urban Dictionary...
Tiff: oh now I know why you know too much
by Shrid July 10, 2008
This site, dumbass

usually filled with pointless definitions relating to a very limited array of things, but occasionlly helpful
we are on the urban dictionary.com beotch!! get ready for pointless defining!!

if you want to make your definition more effective on the urband dictionary, try to avoid obsessive opinion spouting about people and races, this isnt the O'Reilly factor.
by jerskater March 12, 2008
A viable and credible way to let people express themselves honestly through words their familiar with.
The Urban Dictionaryis A creative force.
by qazwsxed February 15, 2008
Urban Dictionary: Immature Phuckwads Approve and then Delete Definitions as if they rule the street...instead of their bathrooms littered with Manga, Sheet: Urban means STREET and the STREET NEVER SLEEPS!
Candy-asses who don't have a clue, The circle jerk they made will be their undo. Doing each other, Urban Dictionary gets a real Screw, in a never ending battle for Doof, Crustis and the Amerika way, Urban Dictionary proves they suck each and every day.

You don't rule the street, we do. You prove it every time you refuse, to publish a definition, It should be your ambition, approval without any ill conceived precognition.

The street is REAL and needs no approval, especially from the likes of you? (You think A website makes you a Guru?) We shouldn't take the time to even try to clue you.

You do not represent the Street, Urban or anyone but chat room residents looking to have head-game fun.

It's clear, You Don't have a clue and you don't know the Street or Urban..Just a faggot-Ass group of teeny boppers Jerkin your own Gherkin.
"SHEEET Homes, you mean the URBAN DICTIONARY approved that definition and then later on DELETED it just cause some CANDY ASS Teeny-Bopper doesn't like Rap?!!"
"No Man, It wasn't because the Bytches doesn't Like Rap...It's Cause they cant pull they're heads out of each others asses long enough to hit the street and get the real DOPE as to whats REAL URBAN...ANGST-ASS pathetic phuckwads!"
"Damn, sounds like they PASSENGER PIGEON(Ectopistes
migratorius)?" "Yeah, No Street Respect."
"Word." "Yeah Dawg, If Urban Dictionary wants Street (Urban) respect, then EVERY DEFINITION SUBMITTED NO MATTER WHAT THE CONTENT needs to be APPROVED after meeting editorial requirements and NEVER...NEVER DELETED." "WAY!"
by Flash 22 January 30, 2008
1. a dictionary of slang.......rarely
2. a place for ironic, self-deprecating definitions such as this one
3. a place to bitch about "losers at school", rave about that girl/guy you fucked last night, diss other races or subcultures, etcetera
4. a place where people like myself bitch about the website yet use it all the time
5. a place where people who know what terms mean go to laugh at what other people think it means
1. dude: a guy or person
2. urban dic is GAY!
3. Roger: a gay fat loser who is gay gay gay
Black people: Dirty shitty nigger idiots
Goths: Gay fucking vampire wannabes who need to be shot
4. urban dictionary is so pointless!!!!
5. wow, these guys really think xinsertx means xinsertx thumbs down that shit
by skudge December 26, 2007
SLAP IN THE FACE! if u need to look urban dictionary up on the urban dictionary, then SLAP!
I should search for Urban Dictionary on Uurban Dictionary...
by BrianOfBC June 20, 2007
A website where ghetto black rappers go to find out new lyrics for their songs.
T.I: "I'ma go to Urban Dictionary yo, cause I'm black and I have no talent and I need some new words for my song yo!"
by thecrazymonkey February 01, 2009