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a website that contains the secret defitition of urban dictionary. type in www.urbandictionary.com to find out!
Example should include the word "Urban Dictionary"
by Boshein January 26, 2009
A great website.
Urban Dictionary
"yes, truly a great website."
by Wohooo!!! September 13, 2008
The Atlas of Argot

The Lexicon of Lingo

The Textbook of Talk

The Scroll of Shoptalk

The Volume of Vulgarism

The Encyclopedia of Exemplifications.

Webster's it anit.
Urban Dictionary is the Bible of Slang.
by yoje October 02, 2007
An online dictionary, editable by users, esp. youths, Americans, and people who have a sense of humour.

Unfortunately frequented by posers, mis-spellers, graffitti artists, wannabe trolls, thereby attracting quality controllers to clean the sh*t off the dictionary.
Quality controllers are legally entitled to remove racist, obscene, libellious material off Urbandictionary, as well as material that might be in breach of copyright.
by Kerb November 27, 2004
If you just looked up "urbandictionary" in urban dictionary.
You are an asshole
Greg: lolol What will happen if I search "urbandictionary" in here...
by Sir.CommonSence March 12, 2010
A place to look up funky words, or make some up with a very interesting definition.
Hey! Have you seen the urbandictionary meaning for yo
by DeBuDGuY March 30, 2003
Your an asshole for looking up Urban Dictionary in Urban Dictionary.
Douchebag A: Let's go to Urban Dictionary!
Douchebag B: What should we look up?
Douchebag A: Haha how bout Urban Dictionary I bet no one's done that!
Everyone else: (Facepalm)
by Mr.Beaner March 26, 2010