A place where awesome cunts go to learn shit that most others think of as shit.
that guys going on urban dictionary man. he must be awesome. lol ecks-dee
by chickenhenface April 22, 2011
You're a dumbass.
You're on Urban Dictionary, retard. Why are you looking up the definition?
by the friendly one December 05, 2010
1) The greatest site EVER, it beats down myspace and facebook to a bloody pulp.
2) The one thing you shouldn't be looking up on urban dictionary about!!!
ex. 1: "Yo, UD is the best site on the face of the earth."
"I know, not even myspace or facebook can touch it"
ex. 2: "Hey, am I stupid for looking up the definition to urban dictionary?"
"Of course not, that makes you retarded!!!!"
by David777 September 23, 2008
Urban Dictionary is a true look at how "CREATIVE SLANG" evolves!

I see a lot of people taking this site WAY TOO Seriously! So what the fuck is your problem? If you want serious, go to Websters for definitions!

This site is BOTH informative and FUN!!!! get it? FUN!!! ... its simple.

If for no other reason this site provides good entertainment for people who like to talk about Sex, Race, whatever!!! its free speech! something that is disappearing fast in our country.

So to the the haters of Urban Dictionary I say ... FUCK YOU! it's my right to say it, If you don't like it, don't fucking come back! (...Free Speech Rocks!) use it or loose it!!!!!
"Define Your Word" and defend FREE SPEECH on "Urban Dictionary" (don't let anyone ever tell you what you can and cant say!
by Get Real.!!!!!! May 20, 2008
A place that is supposed to be a slang dictionary, but instead 99.99999 % of the words are real words that one might find in the dictionary.
Tammy: What does 'obstreperous' mean?

Samuel: I dunno, why don't you look it up on Urban Dictionary?
by Jamorto March 16, 2008
The best on the Web!
This dictionary is an on-line, user-collaborative, open-editing slanguage dictionary that lets you submit your lamer-than-thou definitions and tag those defs to others (complete with sound and pics), in a cool and "fularious" way, you cannot find anywhere else on the I-Way! Heh, lame? Maybe...but hella fun!

It's "your world"...define it! Dig the lix peop!

UrbanDictionary is for word junkies, wordaholics, wordmasters, wordmeisters, wordinistas, word nerds, wordsimths, word/phrasemongers, language-watchers, languagizers, langdroppers, langwizards, linguanauts, linguacentrics, linguomanicas, linguisticists, linguisticians, lingoers, verbivores, verbologists, verbificators, verbificients, vocabularians, phonotacticians, fablinguists, logotechnicians, logologists, logophiles, logolepts, etymomaniacs, entymologists, glottomaniacs, acronomainacs/ acronymphomanicas, bombilogophiles, grammarchists, jargonauts, neologoists, neologicians, leximanes, leximavens, lexicuriouses, lexiconnoisseurs, dictaddicteds, dictionarexics, derds (dictionary nerds)... full to hilt with Nenglish (New English), buzzwords/ buzzphrases/ buzzonyms, fuzzwords, stuntwords, noncewords, playwords, ghostwords, awkwords, unwords, drunkwords, junkwords, pseudowords, pseudologies/ pseudologisms/ cryptopseudologisms, neologisms, tubercolloquialisms, slanguage/ slanguistics, scatolinguistics, Bestiary English/ foulese, ebonics (a.k.a Ubonics 'Urban Black phonotics'/ Ebony phonitics or African American Vernacular English or AAVE), Jewbonics/ Hibernics/ hebonics, Bubbonics/ Bubbanese, slurvian/ slurds (slurwords), stringwords/ chainwords/ antwords (or collectively 'agglutinative words'), Manglish (mangled English), scramblish (scarmbled English), Weblish/ Egnet/ Netois/ Internetese/ webonics (sometimes called 'dweebonics'!)/ Techlish/ Txtlish/ Textlish/ textspeak/ IMlish/ Imglish / Netspeak, webswev ('web-siginficantly watered-English verbosity'), typo slang/ typologisms/ typegasms/ random typing, eggcorns, croms ('cromulents' or Simpsonisms/ Homerisms), jokelang, Sniglets (also, 'snigglets'), daffynitions/ goffynitions, lexicomics, laxicons, lexiles (or 'impactful ignorants'), Lexcrecons, lexcrement, confusage, self-coinages/-coins, autocoinages/ writos, encryptlish, backwordslang/ backwordsings/ relex/ dislipisa, eye dialects, camouflanguage/ grammouflanguage/ grammar slack, lexicofabricogaphy, conlang (or 'constructed language')/ fauxlang/ fablang/ evolang/ englang, codelang, neography (or 'model languages'), pubilect, sociolect, familylect, teenspeak/ teenlang, Popney/ Mockney/ Tikkney/ Rhyming slang, politonics/ Newspeak/ doublespeak/ euphemes, generonyms, acronyms ('abbreviated coded endetion of name, yielding meaning' or FASGROLIA: fast-growing language of initilasims and acronyms)/ stackronyms, nerbs ('noun-verbs'), ...

by hammer---;, hytham March 24, 2007
A Dictionary for the street people, For the cool people not for any one searching for school words...

a great web site...
Dictionay with slang words...
a dictiony you can add your own defintions to...
is the best babi! yeh yea!
by ER-Ban-Dict- SHON- na-Ay June 12, 2003

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