Like Wikipedia, only better and more relevant to real life.
Screw Wikipedia, Urban Dictionary all the way!
by Wiki_Fail December 24, 2010
Do you really need a definition for this!????
You are fricking retarded if you don't know what urban dictionary is.
by u2dvdbono September 06, 2010
an awesome dictionary for made up and real slang words that stupid people cant think of themselves ;D
me: hey whats that word?
you: i dont know go check it out on urban dictionary
by my what??? June 17, 2010
Urban Dicitionary is a website where you find that, if you type any random letters, it actually MEANS something.
imabitch94: lol i tried dp yesterday
(lolitrolu looks for "DP" in Urban Dictionary Double Penetration)
lolitrolu: woah TMI
(imabitch94 looks for "TMI" in Urban Dictionary) Too Much Info)
imabitch94: lol w/e let's fuck.
by Rewdemon May 02, 2010
A site full of assholes that reject your ideas about legitimate street terms. Used as an insult
My god Fiona that's so Urban Dictionary!
by UrbanDictionaryBlowsDonkeyToes October 30, 2009
I do not know why anybody would look this up in the Urban dictionary goes:A site allowing you to "Define your world". You can add words to the site slang, celeberty name, etc. It's an okay site that you can check out though I try adding some info and it always gets rejected for some reason
(On an mmo)

guy #1: your a noob

guy#2: brb (goes to urban dictionary looks up noob and returns to mmo) man your a choob your only 2 levels higher than me
by vipablaz August 17, 2009
A website, that is a dictionary that you wrote, according to
Let's search Urban Dictionary at
by RandomUrbanDictionary July 13, 2009

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