Do you really have nothing better to do then look up urban dictionary on urban dictionary?

you better not make me come out of this computer...
I mean it stop searching urban dictionary and go get a life

by Kylie CHACHA! July 13, 2008
A slang dictionary with your definitions
Dude check out it's great. It is an urban dictionary.
by Junkrocka May 12, 2008
You know you have way too much free time when you search Urban Dictionary on Urban Dictionary
Urban Dictionary is the bomb-diggity
by Pakidz December 07, 2006
Urban Dictionary is an online dictionary whose definitions are contributed by users. Most words featured on Urban Dictionary are slang, particularly ambiguous slang. A paper version of the dictionary has been published in 2005.
online definitions by authors at urbandictionary
by P. redeckis May 28, 2006
UD, an outlet for people to just vent about the world around them as they see it, quick wit and writing skill is appreciated...though I lack both
Me - Bro, there are only nine definitions of urban dictionary on
Someone else - GEH?!
by ManOfTheDiaspora June 07, 2005
A dictionary that explains to people about certain slangs and words.Also it is a place where fucktards like to post hate definitions to Juggalos and Juggalettes.The people who diss Juggalos and Juggalettes on urban dictionary are just Half-witted Hoes, and Wrong minded Whores.They like to fucking sit behind their computers and be bitches.Saying shit about Juggalos and Juggalettes. Well they should just fuck off. They just mad cuz they sit at home all day and eat their fucking munchies.
Some examples that people like the ones who diss juggalos are just bitches:
Ex 1. Juggalo: Hey man do you like ICP?!?! They fuckin rule!!!!
Someone who disses Juggalos constantly on urban dictionary: NO WAY!!! YOUR MUSIC SUCKS!!!
Someone who disses Juggalos constantly on urban dictionary :- at home on his bed eating food while listening to music - "Oh yes...yes....oh justin bieber....oh you are awesome.....

Ex 2. Someone who disses Juggalos constantly on urban dictionary: -is at home dissing juggalos- "HA!!! EAT THAT JUGGALOSER!!!!"
Someone who disses Juggalos constantly on Urban Dictionary goes up to his mom: "Hey will like what i did today.... I DISSED JUGGALOS!"
-mom beats Someone who disses Juggalos constantly on urban dictionary-
Someone who disses Juggalos constantly on urban dictionary:"WHAT WAS THAT FOR MOM?!?!!?!?!"
by Born To Mourn January 24, 2011
urban dictionary is the dictionary you wrote.DEFINE YOUR WORLD.
person 1:what getto mean?
person 2:i dont know.

person 1:hey i know look it up on the urban dictionary!
by the sheperd April 04, 2009

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